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Keeping your water aerated is important for fish health and improves their growth rate. At Pentair AES, we carry a complete range of water aerator equipment, including air pumps, regenerative blowers, compressors, air diffusers, and surface aerators. Our experts can help you find the right system for water deicing, fish aeration, and more. Questions about aeration? Ask us.

Whether you're raising fish, growing plants, or need to address water quality issues, the right type of water aerator can have a big impact on your success. An aerator quite literally adds air to the water, providing oxygen for plants and animals and allowing aerobic bacteria to do their job decomposing organic materials in the water. There are a number of different types of water aerator equipment available, and finding the right aeration system will depend on several different factors, including size and goals of your project. Because Pentair AES is the expert in aquatic ecosystems, we have the equipment and the knowledge that you need for success.

Choose from our selection of quality water aeration equipment:

  • Air diffusers (including air stones and bubble diffusers) sit underneath the water and release oxygen or other gasses in the form of bubbles. We offer both coarse and micro bubble diffusers with a range of different diffusing areas and flowrates.

  • Surface aerators work at the top of the water in a pond or tank. We carry fountains, paddlewheel aerators, vertical aerators, floating surface aerators, and more.

  • Bait aerators help keep fish in bait buckets, hauling tanks, and live wells in good health. We offer a great selection of water aerators for bait shops and similar facilities.

  • Air pumps keep your water aeration system working by pushing clean air through a hose under the water and out through the aerator. Choose from diaphragm or piston air pumps, including those designed for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Regenerative blowers are a quiet, cost effective way to move air in your aeration system. With only one moving part, that a regenerative blower requires very little maintenance.

  • • For larger ponds and aquaculture systems, an air compressor may be needed to aerate the water effectively. We carry a large range of compressors, including rocking piston, rotary vane, diaphragm, and more.

  • • During colder months, a deicing system is vital to keeping your lake or pond aerated. Deicers prevent the surface of the water from freezing over and trapping toxic gases inside.

  • • Our oxygen and ozone equipment includes flow meters, oxygen generators, contact cones, check valves, and much more. Check out our complete supply of sea pen aeration equipment here.

Our experienced team of biologists, engineers, and technicians are here to help you find the right aeration water treatment system for you, whether you need equipment for a commercial aquaculture operation, an aquatic research facility, or a public aquarium. Ask us today about your water aeration needs.