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How do I get a Pentair AES catalog?

You can request a FREE Master Catalog at PentairAES.com/catalog

Who can I speak with about back-order items?

Any one of our customer service representatives can assist you in this matter.

What is a Chemical Waiver Form? Why do I need it?

A Chemical Waiver Form is a legal certification required for the purchase of medications and restricted chemicals used in treating ornamental fish. Customers purchasing these restricted chemical items must certify that they will control the use of these chemicals and maintain written documentation. This certificate allows us to continue selling these restricted chemicals.

What types of payment do you accept?

Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), wire transfers, money orders and personal checks.

How long does it take to process a personal check?

Checks are usually processed the same day they are received.

I need to return an item. Do I need a return authorization number for it?

Yes, please contact our returns department to obtain a return authorization number.

How long does it take to receive credit on return items?

Usually 2 weeks or less.

Can I get reimbursement for a warranty repair performed by a non-authorized repair facility?

Sorry, warranty repairs must be made by an authorized repair center.

Does the warranty period start upon receipt or first use of the item?

Your warranty period starts upon date of invoice.

How long is the warranty on my pump if I have it repaired?

The warranty period covering repairs is 30 days.

If I open the unit up in an attempt to figure out the defect will it void the warranty?

Yes, opening the unit will void the warranty.

Who provides the warranty on an item?

The manufacturer of the product.


How do you determine shipping costs?

Free shipping for orders over $100 on all ground shipments. More Info

The weight of the order, type of materials, number and size of boxes, method of shipment and distance to the destination all contribute to the cost of shipping.

When will my order ship?

Most orders received Monday through Friday by 12 PM EST are shipped the same day.

If I place my order by 12 PM, why would it not ship that same day?

The item(s) may not be in stock or manufacture/assembly could be required by our shop. Problems processing your credit card payment could also cause a delay.

I need an item by 11:00 AM tomorrow. Do you ship by Overnight Priority?

Yes, if the item is in stock. Check the UPS website to see if this service is available in your area.

What are your shipping options?

We ship via 2nd or 3rd Day Air, Ground, US Mail, or by motor freight.

*Please Note: We are not able to ship to PO Boxes

Do you offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount?

YES! We offer free ground shipping for all orders over $50. Restirctions apply. More Info on Free Shipping

Can I use my own freight account?

Yes, you can use your own freight account. You will need to contact a representative to place the order at 877-347-4788.

I placed my order online and asked for a shipping quote. Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

When you request a freight quote on your internet order, we calculate the shipping charges and send you a freight quote via email. Set your spam filter to allow email from us. We will not ship the order until you authorize the shipping charges via email or a phone call.

Can you ship C.O.D.?

Sorry, we do not ship C.O.D.

How will I know the exact amount, including shipping, to write on my check?

If paying by check or money order, request a freight quote when you place the order.

How long does it take to receive a freight quote?

Most freight quote requests will be answered within a 24-48 hour period.

What does HazMat mean?

HazMat" is a US Department of Transportation (DOT) classification for Hazardous Materials.

Do HazMat items require special handling?

Yes, HazMat items require special packaging, handling and shipping procedures due to their toxic, corrosive or highly flammable nature.

Can all HazMat items ship by air?

No. Toxic, corrosive or highly flammable materials may be restricted to ground transport only or deliverable only to specified locations.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world.

Can I place an international order on your website?

Certainly! Click around our website to see our expansive product line.

Can I place an international order by email?

Send your order to [email protected].

How can I fax an international order to you?

Our international fax number is 001-407-886-4884.

What number do I call to place my international order by phone?

Our international phone number is 001-407-886-3939.

Do you have anyone in your company that speaks Spanish?

Yes, most of our International Department staff speaks Spanish.

Do you have distributors in other countries?

Yes, we have several resellers of our products located throughout the world.

Why does it take so long to get approval of my foreign credit card?

48 to 72 hours is the required time span specified by the issuing bank to process this type of request.

Which foreign credit cards do you accept?

We accept most of the major foreign credit cards, with the exception of Diners Club.

How long does it take to receive a freight quote for foreign shipments?

Most freight quote requests will be answered within a 24-48 hour period.

I live in Cuba. Can you ship to me?

Sorry, but we cannot ship to countries under U.S. State Department Trade Embargos or Trade Restrictions.


Not receiving Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems emails?

Certain email spam filters and Internet service providers (ISPs) might have settings that block communication from Pentair AES. If you have trouble receiving our emails, change your email preferences to allow all emails from Pentairaes.com and Pentair.com. If the problem persists, contact your ISP for assistance. Remember that you can call us at 877-347-4788 if you need your order-related questions answered immediately.

If you have ordered from us online before, then double check that you have entered your email address and password correctly. Passwords are case sensitive, so you have to pay attention to upper and lower case letters. If you have your password saved in a file on your computer, copying and pasting often works best.


How do I sign in when your website says my email address or password is invalid?

If you haven't ordered from us online before, you need to create a new account first (make sure you have an item in your shopping cart). On the first checkout page, type in the email address you want to use, click on the "I am a new customer" radio button to select it and then click the "Sign In" button to move to the next step in registering where you'll type your name and create a password.

I ordered on your website before, but it's been a while. I want to sign in using my old email address, but how do I do that if your website says my password is invalid?

If you had an account on our old website (in use until March 10, 2008), then you can still use the same email address as before, but you'll have to reset your password first by clicking "Forgot your password?" Make sure your email spam filter will allow email from [email protected]. You'll receive an email with a new, randomly generated password that you can change later online if you wish. 

Keep in mind that all passwords are case sensitive, so you have to pay attention to upper and lower case letters if you type in your password. Also, if you use an auto-fill or autocomplete feature in your browser, you must type in or paste your new password once so your browser will save it and automatically use it in the future.

How do I change my password or email address?

Sign in after clicking "My Account" at the top of any webpage on Pentairaes.com, and then click "Change your password" or "Change your email address" to get started.


Here are some tips for maximizing the quality of your search results on Pentairaes.com:

  1. Start general, then get more specific if needed. For example, use a one- or two-word description instead of a list of details. Also, specifications or units of measurement won't work.
  2. If searching by part number, search by part number ONLY. No other terms are necessary. And remember, Pentair AES part numbers never have spaces.
  3. Type your search term(s) in lowercase letters, even with part numbers. Using all caps may skew your results.
  4. Avoid using symbols (~, *, ", etc.). They will cause your search to come up empty.
  5. Most manufacturers' part numbers are not on PentairAES.com.
  6. The site search cannot locate your order number. For the status of your order, login to My Account.
  7. If you're still having trouble finding what you're looking for, call us toll-free at 877-347-4788.
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