Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger
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Water heat exchangers are an effective way to heat or cool water in a large aquarium tank or aquaculture pond. Tank water flows into the heat exchanger, while heated or cooled heat exchanger water or other fluid stays within the pipes of the system. This allows the water to be warmed or cooled without it ever coming into direct contact with the heater. Pentair AES carries a complete selection of marine heat exchangers, including titanium in-line and water-to-water systems.

Selecting the right marine heat exchanger for your tank or aquaculture system can be challenging; you'll need to take pressure limits, temperature ranges, flow rates, and many other factors into account. Titanium water heat exchangers are a good option because of their resistance to corrosion. This is especially important if you have a saltwater tank.

Because of the way that each heat exchanger works, it's important to size your equipment correctly. Please contact or experienced team at 877-347-4788 or use our ask us page. We'll help you determine which water heat exchanger is right for your needs.

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