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No matter what type of mechanical water filter you use, you'll need to refresh or replace the filter media periodically to keep it working at peak performance. Pentair AES carries a wide range of water filter media, including multiple types of filter cartridges, filter pads and bags, sand filter media, and various other types of loose media. As experts in commercial aquaculture, animal life support, and lake and pond management equipment, we can help you find the filter media that's best for your specific applications.

When purchasing tank or pond filter media, make sure that you know which type of material your filter requires. It may be apparent that you wouldn't add canister filter media to your bag filter, you will still need to know the size of the replacement filter or how much filter media you'll need. Consider as well how finely you need the media to filter so that you can choose the appropriate product. If you need assistance choosing the right media for your water filter, please call our team at 877-347-4788.

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