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Whether you have a koi pond, are raising fish as part of an aquaculture facility, or maintain a large commercial aquarium, you know that an air pump is key to keeping your fish healthy and thriving. An aerator pump is one key way to add oxygen to the water, allowing fish to breathe easily and grow healthy. Air pumps for lakes, ponds, and tanks are typically connected to an aeration device, such as a micro bubble diffuser or air stone, although not all pumps require this additional equipment.

At Pentair AES, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor aeration pump equipment, including pond, tank, and large aquarium air pumps. We carry efficient, quiet aerator pumps that allow for continuous operation, as well as battery-powered pumps, diaphragm pumps, and more. And don't forget to shop for air pump accessories like repair kits and replacement diaphragms. Check out our pumps from Sweetwater, Whitewater, and other trusted brand names. Not sure which type of aerator pump you need? Call our knowledgeable team at 407-573-7269 and we'll be glad to help!

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