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Jun. 24

#FishFriday - Young Students Learning About Aquaponics

Science has been a big component in schools across the world. Teachers and parents have been working together to get young students more involved and excited about learning about agriculture. The teachers at Girraween Primary School in Australia have been dedicated to teach lessons on #aquaponics.

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Jun. 23

Spanish Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) Technology Workshop - September 20-22, 2016

Aquaculture, as a business, seems that captures the imagination of a wide variety of individuals worldwide. Recirculating Aquaculture Technology [systems that recondition and re-use water] is the most recent aquaculture sector that has attracted considerable attention and investment capital. This workshop will be held in Spanish.

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Jun. 20

#PentairProductShowcase - Taurus™ 110 Aquaculture Duty Pumps

NEW MODELS AVAILABLE (1/2hp to 1hp). The Taurus 110 moves more water more efficiently for lower operating cost and super-quiet operation. Plus, by performing with less effort, there’s simply less wear and tear—and that means longer life for a higher return on your pump investment.

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Jun. 17

We are proud to announce the completion of our newly expanded Laboratory Animal Housing (LAH) Demonstration Laboratory, located within PAES W.A.T.E.R.

The new LAH Demo Lab is a purpose-built, climate controlled space dedicated to the demonstration of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems’ core housing systems for aquatic laboratory animals.

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Jun. 16

Jun. 14

PAES sales team members, Ricardo Arias and Stewart McDaniel photographed here with Jaime Andres and Jaun Manuel Gomez of Kooll Importaciones, our Colombian distributor. The photo was taken at the Cali Zoo, host of the XXIII Latin American Zoo and Aquarium Association (ALPZA) 2016.

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Jun. 13

Our offices in Florida are based just minutes away from the tragic terror attack that occurred in a downtown Orlando nightclub in the early morning hours of June 12th, which took the lives of at least 50 people, and injured at least 53 more. As a company we encourage everyone who is able to donate blood, as it is desperately needed. Find a location by visiting

The Orlando community is shaken but strong – we are resilient. Together we will recover from these horrific acts and will not allow fear to prevail. #OrlandoStrong

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Jun. 10

#FishFriday American Aquaculture can be sustained. Find out what one expert has to say about guiding aquaculture towards sustainability!

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Jun. 08

This great article explains 7 reasons why aquaculture is the answer to over-fishing & rising demand. Invest in the future – aquaculture is the solution.

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Jun. 06

#PentairProductShowcase - Commercial Carbon Filters

Packages complete with gauges and valves. Factory assembled and water tested delivered ready for installation. Constructed with high quality components rated for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Choose between three sizes with max flow rates ranging from 30 to 125 GPM.

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Jun. 03

#FishFriday - Chile Introduces New Aquaculture Laws

Companies with low risk scores will be allowed to expand. Under the new rules, a company's risk score rises if it expands production beyond three percent per year, and if a company decides to reduce production, it can expect a drop in its risk score. With these new aquaculture laws, the industry's salmon farming will be greater controlled over the production and the scores will measure operations performance. Speak to one of our Aquaculture Specialists to expand your aquaculture business and contribute to the growing salmon industry.

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Jun. 01

Take a look at this snapshot of the progress at the Urban Organics Schmidt's location. This equipment room is full of Pentair products! Quarantine Room 1 is nearly finished - all plumbing is in and the electricians are nearing completion.

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From our blog

Fish 2.0 has a prominent focus on Aquaculture

Nearly half of the finalists in the competition have some focus on the aquaculture industry, aquaculture technologies, systems and solutions. 

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The NEW Heathro 8 continues the PR Aqua tradition of industry leading live fish and shrimp pumps. Equipped with an inlet and outlet configuration of 203mm (8 in), the Heathro 8 can move fish up to 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs).

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