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Pentair AES carries the pond chemicals that you need to ensure that your fish are healthy and happy, whether they are in an aquaculture pond, lake, or large tank. If you're looking for bacteria, algaecides, medications, water clarifiers, salt, or water conditioners for fish that can remove phosphate and chlorine, we've got the solution for your needs.

Large aquarium water conditioners are important to keep fish healthy because water that comes from many common sources often contains chemicals that can hurt fish. Water conditioners for fish are made to remove or neutralize these chemicals, including phosphates, ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines. Treatments like algaecides and weed control chemicals can be used to control unsightly growth without hurting fish, while medications are available to treat common illnesses. We also carry additives, including bacteria to help control nitrates and other pond chemicals, as well as tranquilizers, water colorants, and more.

Not sure which pond chemicals or water conditioners you need for your fish tank? Ask us. Call our knowledgeable experts at 1-877-347-4788 and we can discuss your specific concerns. Not every fish water conditioner is right for every situation, so we'll make sure that you get the right additives for your pond or tank.

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