Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. (PAES) is a global services, equipment and technology provider for the aquaculture industry. Today’s PAES has formed over several years as a result of multiple strategic  acquisitions, including Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc., Point Four Systems, Emperor Aquatics, and HE Group. All of these companies had built strong reputations in the industry for outstanding service and commitment to customers, and because of those positive reputations, PAES has become the powerhouse it is today. PAES is uniquely positioned as the most comprehensive solutions provider for aquaculture in the world with an improved product offering and increased number of physical locations and expert employees worldwide.

Today’s modern aquaculturist needs a partner that is able to help with the scope and variety of challenges they face every day. That is why Pentair AES has assembled a team of experts with diverse backgrounds in aquaculture, biological and technological engineering, grounded in decades of research and commercial industry application experience. We help our customers run successful operations by providing a responsive service team and the largest selection of equipment and supplies in the industry.

Trust in a team that is here to help you!

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