Larva Z Plus Feeds

780006 to 780010

Larva Z Plus is a premium larval feed used throughout the world. This nutrient dense dry larval diet is scientifically designed to yield better growth and survival while lowering FCR’s and ensuring superior water quality. It’s a nutritionally balanced highly digestible formulation.

  • Semi-buoyant microparticles (slow-sinking).
  • Ingredients are highly attractable and digestible.
  • Highly stable in water.
  • A naturally colored diet.
  • Nitrogen-preserved to extend shelf-life.
  • Opened cans should be tightly sealed and stored at 0°C (32°F) or lower.
Grouped Product Items
Model Feed Type Price Qty
780006 Diet Larval <50 UM Z Plus 500 Gram Can
780007 Diet Larval <100 UM Z Plus 500 Gram Can
780008 Diet Larval 100-150 UM Z Plus 500 Gram Can
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