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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems creates life-supporting water solutions for our customers.
From municipal storm water applications to resorts. From research labs to aquaculture.
From zoos and large aquariums to lakes on golf courses, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers innovative
ideas, best practices and products to help you create the best aquatic environments for your applications.

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Oct. 06

Seats are filling up fast for our Aquaponics Workshop!

Join us for a 4.5-day workshop that covers every aspect of commercial aquaponics, from system design to plant and fish production to marketing and economics.

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Oct. 05

#PentairProductShowcase - Constant Flow Technology Calculator

We are proud to announce the launch of our online Constant Flow Technology (CFT) Calculator. This new feature is a useful tool which allows customers to input the conditions at their specific location and receive a savings amount based on those parameters.

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Oct. 02

#FishFriday - Investing in Sustainable Developments for the Aquaculture Industry.

Read this great article by TheFishSite:

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Oct. 01

#TradeshowThursday We enjoyed seeing you at the AZA show this past week! Thank you for all who joined us at booth 203 & we look forward to providing the unmatched and total capability you require for animal life support systems

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Sep. 28

#PentairProductShowcase - Hikari Wheat-Germ Koi Food

To maintain a stabilized physical condition and finish in the off-season in water temperatures below 68 degrees but above 50 degrees. During this stage feed only Hikari Wheat-Germ. This easy to digest, highly nutritious diet will help maintain your koi's condition during the colder weather months and establish an excellent starting point for the next show season.

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Sep. 25

#FishFriday We want to be your source for everything Aquaculture! Sign up for our e-mail newsletter now & receive a 10% off coupon code, valid for any online purchase! Discover the reasons to be a Pentair partner at

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Sep. 23

#WaterWednesday Urban Organics Pentair Group had a successful event this past weekend. At the Urban Organics FREE WATER event, we provided over 800 gallons of free water from the Schmidt brewery well. Stay in the know & become partners for a sustainable future!

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Sep. 22

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Sep. 21

#PentairProductShowcase - Sweetwater Regenerative Blowers

The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Sweetwater® regenerative blowers reach higher pressures, operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers. They are inexpensive to operate, and the air they deliver is oil-free. They are extremely energy-efficient and quiet.

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Sep. 18

Come see us at Booth #203 at the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Conference Sept 18-21!

See why we can be the innovative partner you are looking for! Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems provides the unmatched and total capability you require.

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Sep. 17

Are you thirsty? Urban Organics will be hosting the Schmidt Well Free Water Celebration this Saturday, September 19th in St. Paul, MN.

Join us for the celebration & becoming partners for a sustainable future!

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Sep. 16

#PentairBlogStory Kenneth DeMason, an advocate for sustainability and a lifelong boy scout will blog his journey to become an Eagle Scout! Check out his progress up to this point:

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From our blog

Fish 2.0 has a prominent focus on Aquaculture

Nearly half of the finalists in the competition have some focus on the aquaculture industry, aquaculture technologies, systems and solutions. 

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The NEW Heathro 8 continues the PR Aqua tradition of industry leading live fish and shrimp pumps. Equipped with an inlet and outlet configuration of 203mm (8 in), the Heathro 8 can move fish up to 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs).

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