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XLHP® High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps PART #: 460900-AQ to 460901-AQ

XLHP® High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps

With today’s record energy costs, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems XLHP High Performance Heat/Cool pump. Compared to gas, oil or electric heaters, XLHP High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. In fact, just 20¢ worth of electricity produces $1.00 worth of heat generated by other methods. Lifetime Warranty- Titanium Heat Exchanger. 10-yr Warranty-Compressor Parts/Labor.

Note: Do not operate in ambient air temperatures below 45 ͦ  F.

More standard features than any other
• Both models are capable of heating and/or  cooling the water. Full heat/cool functionality.
• 2-inch unions included for easy installation.
• AutoSet Temperature Control monitors water temperature and turns
  the pump on/off as needed.
• Features the legendary Emerson® Copeland Scroll® Compressor
  that’s more efficient, durable, reliable and quieter than any  piston-driven compressor.
• EPA-recognized, environmentally safe, non-ozone depleting
  R-410A refrigerant.
• 100% titanium heat exchanger assures corrosion-free performance
  for extra long life and value.
• LCD control board displays an intuitive, menu-driven readout with easy
  to follow, full word messages—no codes to memorize.
• Self-diagnostic software continuously monitors system for  peak performance.
• Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) controls refrigerant flow for optimum  efficiency and BTU output over a wider operating temperature range.
• Automatic defrost feature senses refrigerant temperature and helps  prevent the XLHP heat pump from freezing, allowing the unit to operate  effectively at even lower temperatures than many competing products.
• ETL listing is your assurance of safer, dependable operation.
• BTU and efficiency independently certified by the Air Conditioning,  Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). The AHRI Certified mark
  is applied only to HVACR equipment and components that have been
  independently tested to certify that manufacturers’ performance  claims are accurate.
• Port Size: 2" ; unions included with model 460900-AQ.

 If the system flow rate exceeds 120 gpm, a bypass valve is required. COP is Coefficient of Performance.

Availability: In stock

ModelHZVoltagePhaseAmpsMin/Max Flow RateBTU/h Capacity Heating/CoolingCOP Rating Heating/Cooling Price Qty
460901-AQ 6023015030/120 gpm140,000/80,0005.7/4.1
460900-AQ 6023015030/120 gpm127,000/72,0005.4/4.1
Model 460901-AQ 460900-AQ
Min/Max Flow Rate30/120 gpm30/120 gpm
BTU/h Capacity Heating/Cooling140,000/80,000127,000/72,000
COP Rating Heating/Cooling5.7/4.15.4/4.1