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Weighted Diffuser Tubing PART #: WD50 to WD55

Weighted Diffuser Tubing

This 1/2" I.D. weighted diffuser tubing is useful in applications where long lengths are required. Equal bubble distribution is possible with lengths as long as 25' for WD50 and 200' for WD55. On the WD50, unique die cut slits—located in sets of three every 1 1/2"—flex open with air pressure and close when air is stopped. On the WD55 ice-melting diffuser tubing, single die cuts are located every 24".

This weighted tubing requires WD fittings. Full rolls are 250' long (60 meters). This diffuser tubing is not compatible with most regenerative blowers as 2–5 psi is required. Also note that this coarse bubble diffuser tubing will only provide about 1/3 as much oxygen transfer per cfm of air when used for aeration with diffusers.

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ModelIDTypeCFMAESOD Price Qty
WD50 1/2"Diffuser, Weighted, 3 Cut0.125/8"
WD55 1/2"Diffuser, Weighted, De-Ice0.010.045/8"
Model WD50 WD55
TypeDiffuser, Weighted, 3 CutDiffuser, Weighted, De-Ice