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Temperature Controllers PART #: TC11 to EC115R

Temperature Controllers

Aqua Logic® digital temperature controllers can be used in a variety of applications where a device needs to be turned on/off based on temperature rise or fall. A three-button touch keypad selects °F or °C, set point temperature, differential and operating mode (heating or cooling). NEMA 4X, rated for outdoor use.

Temperature range for the controller is from -30 to 220°F (-22 to 105°C). The differential adjustment range is 1 to 30°F. Power cord lengths are 40” (1 m) each. The temperature sensor probe is encased in titanium and has an 8’ cable.

Single stage controllers operate one device, either a chiller (1/2 hp and smaller) or a heater (1,000 watts or smaller). Dual stage controllers can be connected to both a chiller (1/2 hp and smaller) and heater (500 watts and smaller).

Dual stage controllers will only allow one device to be “on” at a time. Example: stage 1 heating set point at 74°F with 1°F differential will have the heater come on when the temperature drops to below 73°F, then turn off at 74°F. One-year warranty.

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TC11 Single Stage
TC12 Dual Stage
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