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Suction/Discharge Hose PART #: SH4 to SH8

Suction/Discharge Hose

This PVC hose is externally ribbed with smooth inside surfaces. It weighs about half that of rubber suction hose. Rated at 28” Hg vacuum at 68ºF. Its small bend radius (see below) and high strength will give reliable service for pumping, siphoning, fish hauling, etc. Full rolls are 100 feet. 

NOTE: The order price is per foot. For example, SH4 is $2.99/FT of PVC Hose.

Availability: In stock

ModelIDPSIBend RadiusLength Price Qty
SH4 1 1/2"906"100'
SH6 3"6013"20'
SH8 4"5018"8'
Model SH4 SH6 SH8
ID1 1/2"3"4"
Bend Radius6"13"18"