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Plastic Mesh Netting PART #: N22L to N1678

Plastic Mesh Netting Plastic Mesh Netting
Plastic Mesh Netting

Predator barrier

Predator control can be a significant problem for outdoor fish farmers. After years of experimenting for long term solutions, the industry has determined only a physical barrier can guarantee that predators are kept out. That is why we offer this animal barrier netting.

Lightweight, black plastic netting is easily supported by plastic wire, forming a low-cost bird and small animal barrier (the larger the mesh, the lower the wind load). UV-resistant to last at least four years in the tropics.

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ModelDimensionsASD Price Qty
N22L .5" X .5", 14' X 100'.018
N1677 .625" X .75", 14' X 50'.015
N1678 .625" X .75", 17' X 100'.015
Model N22L N1677 N1678
Dimensions.5" X .5", 14' X 100'.625" X .75", 14' X 50'.625" X .75", 17' X 100'