Replacement Cartridges for Sedna Filters

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S1000-50C-AQ to S1000-200C-AQ
Replacement Cartridges for Sedna Filters

These 20 micron pleated cartridges are available in five sizes to fit the five sizes of Sedna Filters. Choose the right size filter cartridge to match your Sedna Filter.

S1000-50C-AQ: Replacement 20 micron Cartridge for S1000-50-AQ
S1000-75C-AQ: Replacement 20 micron Cartridge for S1000-75-AQ
S1000-100C-AQ: Replacement 20 micron Cartridge for S1000-100-AQ
S1000-150C-AQ: Replacement 20 micron Cartridge for S1000-150-AQ
S1000-200C-AQ: Replacement 20 micron Cartridge for S1000-200-AQ

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