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PTFE Tubing PART #: 8069 to 8069R

PTFE Tubing

Ozone resistance is the reason most people select PTFE tubing. It is a flexible thermoplastic, highly resistant to oxidizing agents. A nearly complete resistance to alcohols, acids, bases and chlorinated solvents makes it excellent for the delivery of ozone. It remains flexible at extreme temperatures and is nontoxic. We recommend using brass or stainless steel fittings with this tubing. 

8069 & 8135 are SOLD PER FOOT

8069R & 8135R are SOLD PER 50' ROLL

Availability: In stock

ModelInside DiameterOutside Diameter Price Qty
8069 1/4"5/16"
8069R 1/4"5/16"
Model 8069 8069R
Inside Diameter1/4"1/4"
Outside Diameter5/16"5/16"