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Premium Predator Netting PART #: NP1 to NP2

Premium Predator Netting Premium Predator Netting
Premium Predator Netting

This 2" x 2" square bird netting is truly top shelf. Its woven nylon material is easier to work with than solid strand materials. Orders larger than 2,000 ft2 are custom cut to your exact specifications, so you won't buy what you don't need. It's rated at approximately 100 lbs of tensile strength and can last five years or more!

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ModelMeshWidth x LengthAVG Strand Diameter Price Qty
NP1 2" x 2" 14' x 50'0.05"
NP2 2" x 2" 2,000 FT2 or more0.05"
Model NP1 NP2
Mesh2" x 2" 2" x 2"
Width x Length14' x 50'2,000 FT2 or more
AVG Strand Diameter0.05"0.05"