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LaMotte® Phosphate Test Kits PART #: LM3121-02 to LM3121-02RP

LaMotte® Phosphate Test Kits
Phosphates enter water supplies from wastewater treatment, sewage, soil runoff, fish foods, etc. Although necessary for biological processes, too much phosphate may cause excessive growth of algae and plants. Testing takes 5 minutes. For fresh and salt water. Range: 0 to 2.0 ppm.

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ModelTestRangeType Price Qty
LM3121-02 Phosphate0 - 2 ppmTest Kit
LM3121-02RP Phosphate0 - 2 ppmReplacement Reagent
Model LM3121-02 LM3121-02RP
Range0 - 2 ppm0 - 2 ppm
TypeTest KitReplacement Reagent