Learn About Aquaculture

Unique Aquaculture Innovation Found In European Brewing Industry

published on Feb 28, 2018
The partners of the Life Brewery project seek to demonstrate that it is possible, in an innovative, sustainable and integrated way, to value the brewing by-products through their value as an ingredient for aquaculture feed....

Pentair at Aquaculture America 2018

published on Feb 14, 2018
With Aquaculture America 2018 being the largest aquaculture trade show in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the largest anywhere in the world, don’t forget to stop by booth 317!...

What is Fish Sampling?

published on Feb 7, 2018
As an organization committed to excellence, there are several reasons why we sample our ever-growing fish populations. We monitor growth and general performance, recalculate feed requirements, and determine when fish are ready for market....

Aquaponics Industry Leaders Making Waves in 2018

published on Jan 31, 2018

With organizations worldwide furthering the education and progression of urban agriculture, horticulture and aquaponics, the future of the industry can only be bright. For more information on Pentair AES involvement with Urban Organics, check out our urban farming page.


Introduction to The PAES W.A.T.E.R. Team

published on Jan 23, 2018
Now in its third year of operation, the PAES W.A.T.E.R. facility has seen great success in its commitment to sustainability and research to further improve the aquaculture community as a whole, successfully demonstrating various RAS techniques, developing standard operating procedures for RAS and aquaponics systems, and hosting several educational and hands on workshops....

Aquaponics - The Adaptation To Climate Change

published on Jan 16, 2018
Urban farming is getting some attention this week as international publications discuss the future of agriculture and sustainability in the age of climate change and over-population. According to an article recently published by Reuters, aquaponics and small urban farming initiatives are vital to the fight against hunger across the globe. ...

2018 Growth Expected For U.S. Aquaculture

published on Jan 9, 2018
Organizations like Pentair AES are contributing in substantial ways to the effort of bettering the reputation and public view of aquaculture in 2018 through the sustainability of Urban Farming initiatives and a promise of excellence in commercial aquaculture including a unique collaboration with Urban Organics, and energy efficient pumps and other products....

The Aquaponics Experience: Simulated

published on Jan 2, 2018
The world of aquaponics is continuously growing - in more ways than what’s implied by our pun. Interest and passion for urban farming has increased in areas where traditional agriculture has been next to impossible. What better way to learn how to be successful in actual sustainable urban farming than with virtual practice?...

Pentair Foundation Annual Holiday Gift Giving Event

published on Dec 27, 2017
This past week, members of Apopka’s Pentair Foundation Committee led our annual holiday gift giving event in the Orlando, FL area. The event was a massive success thanks to the efforts of our Pentair AES team and committee members. We were able to provide wrapped gifts from Santa to around 200 underprivileged 4 and 5 year old children at the Pine Hills Community Center....

#NationalPhilanthropyDay Giving

published on Nov 14, 2017
In honor of #NationalPhilanthropyDay we are proud to provide a donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando, Florida. The donation will go toward funding for families to stay in the house, while their loved one receives treatment in the neighboring Florida Hospital. It is our pleasure to donate to this worthwhile charity. ...
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