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LaMotte® Iron Test Kit PART #: LM7787 to LM7787RP

LaMotte® Iron Test Kit LaMotte® Iron Test Kit
LaMotte® Iron Test Kit
Well water often contains high concentrations of ferrous iron (iron in solution). Concentrations as low as 0.2 ppm can be harmful to certain species of fish. To remove iron, aerate the water and then settle or filter out the resulting orange iron oxide particles. Testing takes two minutes. Range: 0.05 to 1 ppm.

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ModelRangeType Price Qty
LM7787 0.05 - 1 ppmTest Kit
LM7787RP 0.05 - 1 ppmReplacement Reagent
Model LM7787 LM7787RP
Range0.05 - 1 ppm0.05 - 1 ppm
TypeTest KitReplacement Reagent