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LaMotte® Chlorine Test Kit PART #: LM3308 to LM3308RP

LaMotte® Chlorine Test Kit
Chlorine and chloramines (chlorine/ammonia complex) are toxic to fish, and the presence of one or the other can be expected in your municipal water supply. For aquaculture applications, chlorine should be removed chemically, by aeration or by aging. Chloramines must be removed chemically. For testing fresh water only. Testing takes 2 minutes. Range: 0.2 to 3.0 ppm.

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ModelRangeType Price Qty
LM3308 0.2 - 3 ppmTest Kit
LM3308RP 0.2 - 3 ppmReplacement Reagent
Model LM3308 LM3308RP
Range0.2 - 3 ppm0.2 - 3 ppm
TypeTest KitReplacement Reagent