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LaMotte Chloride® Test Kit PART #: LM4503 to LM4503RP

LaMotte Chloride® Test Kit
Chloride is one of the major anions found in water. When using salt, be careful where discharge occurs. Salt water is about 16,000 ppm chloride; it takes only about 500 ppm chloride to kill some plants, shrubs and trees. For freshwater use only. Takes two minutes. 0 to 200 ppm.

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ModelRangeType Price Qty
LM4503 0 - 200 ppmTest Kit
LM4503RP 0 - 200 ppmReplacement Reagent
Model LM4503 LM4503RP
Range0 - 200 ppm0 - 200 ppm
TypeTest KitReplacement Reagent