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LaMotte® Hardness Test Kit PART #: LM4482 to LM4482RP

LaMotte® Hardness Test Kit
The total hardness of water generally represents the total concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. Although closely related to alkalinity and the buffering capacity of water, high alkalinity may not always indicate high hardness. Hard waters (above 150 ppm) are generally more productive for fish than soft waters. The typical range for aquaculture is 50 to 200 ppm. Testing takes 2 minutes. 0 to 200 ppm.

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ModelRangeType Price Qty
LM4482 0 - 200 ppmTest Kit
LM4482RP 0 - 200 ppmReplacement Reagent
Model LM4482 LM4482RP
Range0 - 200 ppm0 - 200 ppm
TypeTest KitReplacement Reagent