YSI Repair

As a Certified YSI Repair Center, we honor all YSI water quality meter factory warranties and perform non-warranty repairs regardless of where you purchased your product. Our technicians service and repair a variety of YSI water quality meters, including conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen (D.O.) meters, ORP meters, pH meters, multi-parameter meters and more.

Equipment sent in for repairs must be clean/free of contamination. We reserve the right to charge extra for the cleaning of any dirty/contaminated equipment.

In order to facilitate efficient processing of service/repair requests, please fill out this form completely. You will be contacted with an RA# to reference when returning the unit, the return shipping address and any additional documentation you may need.*

Shop labor rate is US $120.00 per hour.

*Do NOT ship the unit in for repairs until you have received an RA # from a Pentair representative.

This form is NOT for Point Four products.

For Point Four repairs, please visit: pentairaes.com/PT4Repair

If you have any questions about YSI repairs, please contact !DLUSAPOrepairs@pentair.com.

We will only use this information to respond to your request and as further described in our Privacy Notice.