Gas Powered

Gas Powered

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Using a gasoline engine to provide power, a gas powered water pump can provide the strength you need to move a lot of water quickly. Because it is not tied to an electrical power source, a gas powered pump is very convenient for use in a wide variety of outdoor applications. This type of pump should only be used outdoor due to their exhaust emissions.

Gas powered water pumps are typically divided into water displacement or dewatering pumps and trash pumps. Dewatering pumps are the most commonly used, and they are designed to quickly move a lot of clean water. These gas water pumps are further grouped into three categories: lightweight, general purpose, and high pressure. General purpose and high pressure pumps are most commonly used for commercial applications.

A trash pump is used when you need to move water that contains debris. Some general purpose gasoline water pumps do contain filters to allow them to handle water that contains a limited amount of silt or other smaller solids.

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