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Vertical Pump Aerators PART #: V1 to V2S

Vertical Pump Aerators

These vertical pump aerators use a propeller inside the lift tube, increasing the pumping efficiency.   Low-restriction slots spray the lifted water, providing excellent aeration.  Model V1 is designed for freshwater only.  Models V1S and V2S are constructed with stainless steel bearings, tube, propeller and fasteners for freshwater and saltwater applications.  One-year warranty.

Models V1 & V1S are very popular for live fish transport, hauling fish for long or short distances.  Includes a 24” power cord.  Developed for transport tanks with 100 to 400 gallon capacity, this model can also be placed between two compartments to aerate both. 

Model V2S is for use in raceways, recirculating systems, small tanks, and in transport tanks where electric power is available.  When used on a truck, the aerator is adapted to operate from a generator.  Power cord not included.    

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ModelVoltageAmpsPumping Rate (GPM / GPH)Overall LengthTube LengthTube DiameterShip Wt (lbs) Price Qty
V1 121075 / 4,50027"20"4 1/2"20
V1S 121075 / 4,50027"20"4 1/2"20
V2S 115/2303.2/1.6115 / 6,90030"20"4 1/2"35
Model V1 V1S V2S
Pumping Rate (GPM / GPH)75 / 4,50075 / 4,500115 / 6,900
Overall Length27"27"30"
Tube Length20"20"20"
Tube Diameter4 1/2"4 1/2"4 1/2"
Ship Wt (lbs)202035