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Vertical Pump Aerators PART #: V1 to V2S

Vertical Pump Aerators

Whether you need to transport fish or supply air to another type of tank, Pentair AES vertical pump aerators are a great choice. Their design uses a propeller inside the lift tube, increasing the pumping efficiency. Low-restriction slots spray the lifted water, providing excellent aeration. Models V1S and V2S feature a stainless steel bearing, tube, propeller, and fasteners for use in salt water. The V1 is made for use in freshwater tanks.

Both the V1 and V1S vertical pump aerators are very popular for live fish transport, offering a rating of 75 gallons per minute (GPM). The larger, V2 is rated at 115 GPM. Please note that power cords not included. These vertical pump aerators have a one year warranty. Have questions? Ask us.

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ModelVoltageTypeGPMAmps Price Qty
V1 12Aerator7510@12V
V1S 12Aerator (Saltwater)7510@12V
V2S 115/230Aerator (Saltwater)1153.2@115V
Model V1 V1S V2S
TypeAeratorAerator (Saltwater)Aerator (Saltwater)