Velocity Calculator

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centimeters/sec feet/min
centimeters/sec feet/sec
centimeters/sec kilometers/hr
centimeters/sec knots
centimeters/sec meters/min
centimeters/sec miles/hr
centimeters/sec miles/min
feet/min cm/sec
feet/min feet/sec
feet/min meters/min
feet/min miles/hr
feet/sec cm/sec
feet/sec km/hr
feet/sec knots
feet/sec meters/min
feet/sec miles/hr
feet/sec miles/min
kilometers/hr cm/sec
kilometers/hr feet/min
kilometers/hr feet/sec
kilometers/hr knots
kilometers/hr meters/min
kilometers/hr miles/hr
knots feet/hr
knots kilometers/hr
knots nautical miles/hr
knots statute miles/hr
knots yards/hr
knots feet/sec
meters/min cm/sec
meters/min feet/min
meters/min feet/sec
meters/min km/hr
meters/min knots
meters/min miles/hr
meters/sec feet/min
meters/sec feet/sec
meters/sec kilometers/hr
meters/sec kilometers/min
meters/sec miles/hr
meters/sec miles/min
miles/hr cm/sec
miles/hr feet/min
miles/hr feet/sec
miles/hr km/hr
miles/hr km/min
miles/hr knots
miles/hr meters/min
miles/hr miles/min
miles/min cm/sec
miles/min feet/sec
miles/min km/min
miles/min miles/hr