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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems strives to provide professional support for VAKI products in order to help customers with maintenance and service. We can provide training, online service contracts and after-sales support. Additionally, we can provide an inclusive service check online; with no need to send your equipment back to the factory.

Smart Flow

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers the VAKI Smart Flow System to enable users to gather and store information about all measured fish for easy comparisons of size and number. This facilitates the optimization of every operation as VAKI devices can be controlled and fine-tuned using Smart Flow in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


  • Accurate counting of fish from 30g and up
  • Enables higher quality and accuracy of farm operations
  • Collects and stores valuable stock information
  • Provides grading based on biomass or actual count
  • Easy access to highly valuable information
  • Logging for future reference and tracing
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling based on duty cycle


  • Smart Flow can inter-connect with all VAKI products.
  • Provides optimized control and electronic fine-tuning
  • Allows for remote monitoring on mobile devices
  • Fully integrated and compatible with all species
  • Smart Flow also enables dynamic size grading of fish, in two modes:
    • Preset % for lowest grade
    • Balanced biomass in all grades

The advanced software in VAKI products is used to count the fish as they pass the counting area. All fish images are stored and can be used for verifying the count. Automatically-generated reports provide users with valuable and detailed information for each counting session. The average weight and size distribution of the counted fish are shown on a graph along with information on the total biomass of the fish. VAKI products and their powerful software can provide counting reports detailing the total number of fish, the number in each group, the total counting time, the average fish sizes, and a summary of any counter overload time. The counting throughput graph is shown in the report, along with the name of site, tank number, company logo, comments, and more. With the optional size measurement function the average weight and size distribution is also included. A hard copy of the report can be printed or stored.

Macro App

Among other features the Macro app provides the user the option to run the counter, view the results and email the count report from a smart phone or tablet.

Counter Software

The touch pad screen on the counter head is used to operate the counter. The main screen of the program displays numbers, average weight and through put. A graph shows the rate of fish going through the counter and the maximum capacity. Should the counter be overloaded a warning signal is given. After each count an image file and a report file are saved. Files can be displayed on screen and transferred to a flash drive or internal network.

Recording of Images

The images of the fish are automatically recorded and can be used to validate and check the accuracy of the count. The image file can be given to a customer and/or stored as a permanent record. The red chart indicates the numbers of fish counted during the entire count and is used to select a time frame for further analyses. The screen displays images of fish passing the camera for each one second interval. Accuracy can be verified by a manual check of the number of fish images to the count shown on the screen.

Counting Report

The counting report is produced after each count with the total number of fish counted, number in each group, total counting time, average fish/min and any counter overload time. The counting throughput graph is shown on the report and the name of site, tank, company logo, comments, and other information can be included. With the optional size measurement function the average weight and size distribution is also included. A hard copy of the report can be printed or stored.

Size Measurements

An optional feature to the counting program, the size measurement module, presents accurate average weight and size distribution of the counted fish. In one simple operation complete data on number and size of fish is obtained without handling or stress.


Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems VAKI Cloud is a web application that provides the user with an overview of detailed information and data from VAKI counters. Data from VAKI counters are created during each counting session, and are moved to a remote database. The VAKI Cloud web application enables authorized users the ability to view these data from anywhere, at any time. The VAKI Cloud is an extremely valuable tool that is utilized by commercial fish farming operations worldwide.


Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers Online Service Contracts for VAKI products. A service contract provides you with inclusive service checks that carried out online by our skilled service team, and there are no logistical issues or transport costs to worry about. This also gives us the opportunity to advise and make recommendations on the use of the counter. We can also remotely identify any potential issues that may be affecting the accuracy or any repairs/replacements that should be considered. All VAKI Fish Pumps, Graders and Counters can be connected to the VAKI Smart Flow software. Many commercial fish farming operations utilize VAKI Online Service Contracts to optimize their equipment and streamline their operations.

Online Service Contract Includes:

  • Counter registered into Online service history database
  • Three routine Online service checks per year with email report
  • All settings and systems check
  • Visibility check for light strength, head/camera alignment, edge positions and bulkheads
  • Calibration check
  • Random selection of 2 files from the last service in hard drive checked for quality of images
  • Hard drive clean up
  • Report that contains recommendations regarding changes to alignment, cleaning and other issues highlighted during the Online checks
  • Priority service customer for additional Online support
  • 1x count quality report, per year
  • All applicable software fix upgrades free
  • 25% of additional function change software packages