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The VAKI Pico Counters provide aquaculture operators with highly-accurate counting functionality and the fish remain in water at all times. The Nano avoids the need to dewater before counting, and it provides operators with a detailed counting report, along with a digital record of images which are saved for full verification of the count. The VAKI Pico Counters also can adapt to various water qualities; even water with higher turbidity and lower visibility.



  • Counting Report
  • Overload alarm
  • Removable counter head for servicing or storing
  • Can be connected to VAKI cloud
  • Easy to install / set up
  • Accurate counting
  • High capacity
  • Gentle on fish – fish are in water at all times
  • Images are saved for verification
  • No need to dewater
  • Can cope with different turbidity/visibility


  • 1", 2" and 3" pipe option
  • Shrimp: 2" pipe option (30mg - 1g)
  • Shrimp: 3" pipe option (100mg - 3g)
  • Lumpfish: 1" pipe option (2mg - 100mg)
  • Lumpfish: 2" pipe option (10mg- 1g)
  • Remote monitoring
  • UPS – Backup power supply
  • Custom design / specification
  • Service contract and Extended warranty


  • Fish size: 2mg. – 1g
  • Shrimp size: 30mg – 3g
  • Lumpfish size: 2mg – 1g
  • Capacity: up to 300.000  100mg. fish per hour
  • Accuracy over 99%
  • Dimensions: 68x35x130cm (LxWxH)
  • Power supply: 110/220 V
  • Pipe mount: Camlock fittings

Fish Species

The Pico Counter is well suited for all kind of fish such as salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, lumpfish, trout, tilapia, shrimp, barramundi, king fish sea bass and bream.

Counter Comparison

Bioscanner Pipeline Counter Nano Micro Macro Macro Exel Smolt Counter Channel Counter
Channel Counter
Accuracy 98% 98% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
Fish Size 3g -6kg 10g-10kg 0.05g-30g 0.1g-200g 0.1g-400g Up to 800g Up to 500g 50g and up 50g and up
Capacity 16.000 fish per hour
45.000 fish per hour (50g) 200.000 1g fish per hour 500.000 1g fish per hour 1.000.000 1g fish per hour
200.000 50g fish per hour
1.200.000 1g fish per hour
240.000 50g fish per hour
200-300 fish per hour 40-100 ton/hour per channel 40-100 ton/hour per channel
Weight Control unit 7kg
Scanner unit 3kg
Scanner frame 6kg 92 kg 150kg 300kg 360kg S-1400  200kg
S-2100  350kg
B-2000  200kg
B-1400  170kg
Y-1300 300 kg
Y-1900 450kg
Dimensions Control unit 35x28x17cm
Scanner unit 25x10x35cm
Scanner frame 45x45x35cm (L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
- 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting width
- 1.9m counting width
- 1.3m counting width
Counting Width N/A 260mm 400mm 500mm 1000mm 1200mm - 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting widths
- 2.1m counting width 1.4m counting width - 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting width
Power Supply 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V
AP/Remote Monitor No  No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Estimate No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Suport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Design Available N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years

Counting Software

The Counting Technology

The counter uses VAKI computer vision technology originally developed for counting fry, smolts and juvenile fish. The fish is pumped through scanner were an imaging line scanning camera is used to grab silhouette image of every single fish. The silhouettes are analyzed and used for counting and size estimation.

The Counting Software

The advanced software can cope with different turbity. All fish images are stored and can be used for verifying the count. Information about the count can be saved automatically to the VAKI Cloud.

Recording Images

The images of the fish are automatically recorded and can be used to check the accuracy of the initial count. Users can choose to give the image file to a client or store it as a permanent record of the count. A chart indicates the numbers of fish counted during the entire count and is used to select a time frame for further analysis. The screen displays images of fish passing the camera for each one-second interval.



Company Contact Fish Type
Bench Mark Holding group Stofnfiskur in Iceland Sölvi Sturluson Lumpfish


Company Contact Fish Type
Marine Harvest