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The VAKI Macro and Micro counters are utilized when fish are being delivering from hatcheries, or for precise stock control operations when splitting, moving, or grading are being conducted. These counters can be utilized in many applications including wellboats, helicopters and transport trucks. Additionally, commercial aquaculture operators can use the VAKI Macro and Micro Counters to provide useful stock information during the growing cycle.

Macro counter

The Macro has a capacity of 200,000 smolts or 1 million 1g fry per hour and has a 100 cm wide counting area. With a range from 0.1g - 400g the Macro is ideal suited for accurate and fast delivery of fry and smolts. The Macro can be delivered both as single or 4 channel.

Micro counter

The Micro is exceptionally good for hatcheries and counting small fish between 0.1g - 200g. The counting area is 50 cm wide with a capacity of 500,000 1 g fish per hour. The Micro is ideal for the internal handling of smaller fish or delivering fry. The Micro can be delivered both as single or 3 channel.



  • Accurate counting
  • High capacity
  • Images are saved for verification
  • Counting report
  • Stress free – fish are in water at all times
  • Overload alarm
  • USB port for accessories
  • Removable counter head for servicing or storing
  • Remote monitoring and Servicing

Fish Species

The Macro and Micro Counters are well suited for all kind of fish such as: salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, trout, tilapia, shrimp, barramundi, king fish sea bass and bream.


  • Multi – channels
  • Size Measurement Module
  • Remote monitoring
  • UPS, back up power supply
  • Service contract and Extended warranty
  • Non-standard outlets and inlets
  • Custom design / specification


Accuracy Fish size Capacity Dimensions Power supply
Micro Over 99% 0.1g-200g 1.5x0.7x1.5m (LxWxH) 110/220V
Macro Over 99% 0.1g-400g up to 1,000,000 1g fish/hour
up to 200,000 50g fish/hour
1.5x0.7x1.5m (LxWxH) 110/220V

Counter Comparison

Bioscanner Pipeline Counter Nano Micro Macro Macro Exel Smolt Counter Channel Counter
Channel Counter
Accuracy 98% 98% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99% 99%
Fish Size 3g -6kg 10g-10kg 0.05g-30g 0.1g-200g 0.1g-400g Up to 800g Up to 500g 50g and up 50g and up
Capacity 16.000 fish per hour
45.000 fish per hour (50g) 200.000 1g fish per hour 500.000 1g fish per hour 1.000.000 1g fish per hour
200.000 50g fish per hour
1.200.000 1g fish per hour
240.000 50g fish per hour
200-300 fish per hour 40-100 ton/hour per channel 40-100 ton/hour per channel
Weight Control unit 7kg
Scanner unit 3kg
Scanner frame 6kg 92 kg 150kg 300kg 360kg S-1400  200kg
S-2100  350kg
B-2000  200kg
B-1400  170kg
Y-1300 300 kg
Y-1900 450kg
Dimensions Control unit 35x28x17cm
Scanner unit 25x10x35cm
Scanner frame 45x45x35cm (L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
- 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting width
- 1.9m counting width
- 1.3m counting width
Counting Width N/A 260mm 400mm 500mm 1000mm 1200mm - 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting widths
- 2.1m counting width 1.4m counting width - 2.1m counting width
- 1.4m counting width
Power Supply 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V 110/220V
AP/Remote Monitor No  No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Estimate No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Suport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Design Available N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years Two Years

Counting Software

The computer program

The touch pad screen on the counter head is used to operate the counter. The main screen of the program displays numbers, average weight and through put. A graph shows the rate of fish going through the counter and the maximum capacity. Should the counter be overloaded a warning signal is given.

After each count an image file and a report file are saved. Files can be displayed on screen and transferred to a flash drive or internal network.

Recording of images

The images of the fish are automatically recorded and can be used to validate and check the accuracy of the count. The image file can be given to a customer and / or stored as a permanent record.

The red chart indicates the numbers of fish counted during the entire count and is used to select a time frame for further analyses. The screen displays images of fish passing the camera for each one second interval. Accuracy can be verified by a manual check of the number of fish images to the count shown on the screen.

Macro App

Among other features the Macro app provides the user the option to run the counter, view the results and email the count report from a smart phone or tablet.

Counting report

The counting report is produced after each count with the total number of fish counted, number in each group, total counting time, average fish/min and any counter overload time. The counting throughput graph is shown on the report and the name of site, tank, company logo, comments, and other information can be included.

With the optional size measurement function the average weight and size distribution is also included. A hard copy of the report can be printed or stored.

Size Measurements

An optional feature to the counting program, the size measurement module, presents accurate average weight and size distribution of the counted fish.
In one simple operation complete data on number and size of fish is obtained without handling or stress.



CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Lerøy Sjøtroll avd JaktaBjørn Helge Kleppe3ch MicroSalmon
Lerøy Sjøtroll avd JaktaBjørn Helge Kleppe3ch MicroSalmon
HavlandetKent Hopland1ch MicroWrasse
NeptunPeter Andersson3 ch MicroSalmon
Helgeland smoltTor Arne Gransjøen4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest avd TerningenLars Bjørgan4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest avd TerningenLars Bjørgan1 ch MacroSalmon
Ken FishKen Åke Grahn1 ch Macro x 2Salmon
Solsmolt ASBjørn Trovåg3 ch MacroSalmon
Hyen Laks ASÅsmund Ommedal4 ch MacroSalmon
FjordsmoltMorten Berg4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest HaukåPaul Henning4 ch MacroSalmon
Ljones FiskMaria4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest FløRunar Pedersen4 ch MacroSalmon
Austefjorden SmoltIvar Emil4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest - KongsmoenHanne Hellesø4 ch MacroSalmon
Leppefisk.com ASÅge1 ch MicroWrasse
Lerøy Midnor - BelsvikErik Daaland4 ch Macro x 3Salmon
Åsen SettefiskGeorg Reinås4 ch Macro x 2Salmon
Neptun SettefiskPeter Andersson3 ch MicroSalmon
Neptun SettefiskViggo Reinert3 ch MicroSalmon
Osland HavbrukOve Ynnesdal4 ch MacroSalmon
Osland HavbrukOve Ynnesdal3 ch MicroSalmon
VikabasFrode Viken3 ch MicroWrasse
Åsen SettefiskGeorg Reinås4 ch MacroSalmon
Flatanger SettefiskMorten Strøm4 ch MacroSalmon
Neptun SettefiskViggo Reinert4 ch MacroSalmon
Brakedal SettefiskKjell Tore / Sigmund3 ch MicroSalmon
Femanger Laks ASSverre Heldal3 ch MicroSalmon
Strømsnes AkvakulturKjell Alvheim3 ch MicroSalmon
Flatanger Settefisk ASMorten Strøm4 ch MacroSalmon
Vikan Settefisk ASBritt Åsen3 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest - HerandBjarte Sævareid4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest - ØyerhamnBjarte Sævareid4 ch MacroSalmon
Sævareid FiskeanleggJan Magnus Markhus4 ch MacroSalmon
Sundsfjord Smolt ASTor Arne Gransjøen2 x 4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest GlomfjordAndre Spigseth4 ch MacroSalmon
Akvafarm SkalandGeir Svendsen2 x 4 ch MacroSalmon
Barlindbotn Settefisk ASReidar Haugen3 ch MicroSalmon
Troms StamfiskstasjonTage Rochmann3 ch MicroSalmon
Smolten AS - Mørsvikbotn4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest - KvingoHelge Dåe3 ch MicroSalmon
Lerøy MidnorKlemet Steen4 ch MacroSalmon
Raunes Fiskefarm4 ch MacroSalmon
Fjon Bruk ASHarald Mundal4 ch MacroSalmon
Urke SettefiskNils Håndlykken4 ch MacroSalmon
Framnes Smolt AS3 ch MicroSalmon
Veso Vikan3 ch MicroSalmon
Lerøy Fossen - BjørsvikFrode GjelsvikSingle ch MicroSalmon
Holstad Marine ASJo Holstad4 ch MacroCod
Atlantic Cod JuvenileBørge Sørås3 ch MicroCod
Sagafjord Seafarm ASSigurd Handeland3 ch MicroCod
Salten Havbruk ASGeir Wenberg3 ch MicroSalmon
Firda Settefisk - NordalsfjordArild Nordal4 ch MacroSalmon
Fjord Seafood - KongsmoenJohann Saur4 ch MacroSalmon
Hardanger Smolt AS4 ch MacroSalmon
Ilsvåg Fisk ASRoald Kaldheim4 ch MacroSalmon
Seafarm Invest - Nordland Marin yngelSteinar Olaisen3 ch MicroCod
Sætre Settefisk ASGeir Tommy Keiserås3 ch MicroSalmon
ProfundaHelge Ressem3 ch MicroCod
Marine Harvest Haugvik3 ch MicroSalmon
Wellboat Salmon StarWellboat MacroSalmon
Cod Culture NorwayHenning Sandøy3 ch MicroCod
Sævareid SettefiskJan Magnus Markhus2 x 4 ch MacroSalmon
Wellboat Gripfisk Service ASHelge HafskjærWellboat MacroSalmon
Havlandet Marin YngelAnders Øfsti3 ch MicroCod
Fjord Seafood TrollbuktaSingle ch MicroSalmon
Lindås fiskeoppdrettEdmund HolsenSingle ch MicroSalmon
Wellboat TaurangaWellboat MacroSalmon
Smolten / NordlaksStein Valle4 ch MacroSalmon
Villa Smolt AS - Øyra LaksLeonard Lillestøl4 ch MacroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
ÍsþórSigurður Ö. Jakobsson4 channel MacroSalmon
FiskeyArnar Jónsson3 channel MicroHalibut
HafróMatthías Oddgeirsson3 channel MicroCod
StofnfiskurJón Reynir AndréssonSingle ch MicroSalmon
LaxeyriJón Guðjónsson3 channel MicroSalmon
Wellboat Snæfugl Wellboat MacroSalmon
ÍsþórJónatan Þórðarson3 channel MicroSalmon
Veiðifélag Eystri RangárEinar Lúðvíksson3 channel MicroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Umlax ABJosef Nyren2 x 3 ch MicroSalmon

Faroe Islands

CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
FútakletturIngi Joensen3 channel MicroSalmon
BakkafrostRógvi Jacobsen3 channel MacroSalmon
BakkafrostLeif av Reyni3 channel MacroSalmon

United Kingdom

CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Dawnfresh SeafoodsJohnny Pollock3 ch MicroTrout
Dawnfresh SeafoodsJohnny Pollock6 x 4ch MacroTrout
IAF-International Aqua FarmKnut Sandbakken3 channel MicroBarramundi
Johnson SeafarmJeffrey Robertson4 channel MacroCod
Johnson HatcheryLesley McIlvoy3 channel MicroCod
Cooke Aqua Scotland FurnessRichard Polanski4 Channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua Scotland FurnessRichard Polanski4 channel ExelSalmon
Cooke Aqua Scotland CairndowRichard Polanski2 x 4 ch MacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua Scotland CairndowRichard PolanskiMacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua HaweswaterNick SmithMacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua HolmwrangleNick SmithMacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua HolmwrangeMatt SmithMacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Scotland LochailortJohn Richmond2 x 4 ch. Macro EXELSalmon
Marine Harvest ScotlandJohn Richmond4 x MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest ScotlandJohn RichmondMicroSalmon
Marine Harvest ScotlandJohn Richmond8 x 4 ch MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Scotland WrassePaul Featherstone3 ch. MicroWrasse
Scottish Sea FarmsMike Bauermeister3 x MacroSalmon
Scottish Sea FarmsMike Bauermeister4 channel MacroSalmon
Scottish Sea Farms -Hollywood4 channel MacroSalmon
Scottish Salmon CompanyHenry DalgetyMicroSalmon
Scottish Salmon CompanyHenry DalgetyMacroSalmon
Scottish Salmon CompanyHenry Dalgety4 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Scottish Salmon CompanyDuncan Macleod4 channel MacroSalmon
MachrihanishJulian PajakMicroSalmon
MainstreamWillie YoungMacroSalmon
FinfishBruce Hilcoat4 channel MacroSalmon
Migdale SmoltsHugh Murray3 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Migdale SmoltsHugh MurrayMacroSalmon
Migdale SmoltsHugh MurrayExelSalmon
Meavag Fish Farm Ltd.Paul Finnegan3 channel MicroSalmon
Kintail HatcheryGeorge Whyte4 channel MacroSalmon
CalvertonAlan HenshawMicroSalmon
Cloan trout hatcheryRichard Haldane4 channel MacroTrout
LandcatchDave Danson2 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Dornoch Firth Fish farmCharles BrookeMacroSalmon
Bennex Aquaculture LtdChris HydeMacroSalmon
Selonda UKPhil Gatland4 channel MacroBass + Halibut
Loch DuartMark Woods3 channel MicroSalmon
Springs Fish FarmHans Hoff3 channel MicroTrout
Highland SalmonRichard Gardner1 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Kames Fish Farming Ltd.Bruce CondieMacroSalmon
Selcoth FisheriesPeter RoutledgeMacroTrout
Howietoun Fish FarmRob Murray4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua Scotland ArdtaraigDaryl Moore4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aqua Scotland FossawayKeith Carmen4 channel MacroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Australis MacroSalmon
Australis-LandcatchKaren Vega2 MicroSalmon
Australis-LandcatchKaren Vega4 MacroSalmon
BillundMarcelo Varela2 MicroSalmon
BillundMarcelo Varela4 MacroSalmon
CaletabayAlberto LabbeMicroSalmon
CaletabayAlberto Labbe2 MacroSalmon
CamanchacaNelson León4 MacroSalmon
CaptrenGustavo Valle3 MacroSalmon
CupquelanCesar FrankeMicroSalmon
CupquelanCesar Franke3 MacroSalmon
ColbunLuis Loncon4 MacroSalmon
Ecofish MicroSalmon
Ecofish MacroSalmon
Frasal MacroSalmon
Garo MicroSalmon
Garo MacroSalmon
IcevalRonny MansillaMicroSalmon
IcevalRonny MansillaMacroSalmon
InvermarCarlos Vera3 MacroSalmon
Landcatch MacroSalmon
Los FiordosMiguel Portus8 MacroSalmon
Marine FarmAndrés VidaurreMicroSalmon
Marine FarmAndrés Vidaurre5 MacroSalmon
Mainstream MicroSalmon
MainstreamHéctor Garate5 MacroSalmon
Marine HarvestRoberto Riethmuller4 MicroSalmon
Marine HarvestRoberto Riethmuller12 MacroSalmon
Marine HarvestRoberto RiethmullerMacro ExelSalmon
MultiexportAdalberto GallegosMicroSalmon
MultiexportAdalberto Gallegos3 MacroSalmon
NalcahueCristian Ruiz2 MacroSalmon
Nisa MicroSalmon
Nisa MacroSalmon
Pacific Star 4 channel MacroSalmon
Pisc. Hornopirén MacroSalmon
Pisc. Hornopirén MacroSalmon
Salmones AntárticaJannette Salazar3 MicroSalmon
Salmones AntárticaJannette Salazar3 MacroSalmon
Salmones AustralPedro Santana2 MicroSalmon
Salmones AustralPedro Santana6 MacroSalmon
Salmones Colbun MacroSalmon
Salmones Colbun MacroSalmon
SealandEver BurgosMicroSalmon
SealandEver Burgos5 MacroSalmon
Southern Cross Chile HumboldtHarald Von Brandt3 MacroSalmon
Stolt MacroSalmon
Trusal 4 channel MacroSalmon
Trusal 4 channel MacroSalmon
AquimagLeslie LedezmaMicroSalmon
AcuimagLeslie Ledezma3 MacroSalmon
Aqua ChileSergio Vargas5 MacroSalmon
AquainnovoRodger MirandaMarcroSalmon
AquasanFelipe Díaz3 MacroSalmon
YadranChristian Fletcher3 MacroSalmon
VentisquerosJavier Lecaros2 MicroSalmon
VentisquerosJavier Lecaros3 MacroSalmon
VentisquerosJavier LecarosMacro ExelSalmon
QuetroMiguel BahamondesMacroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Fraser Valley Trout HatcherySingle channel MacroTrout
Ocean Farms Hatchery3 channel MicroSalmon
Grieg Seafood, Campbell River2 x 4 channel Macro'sSalmon
Mainstream, Boot Lagoon Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Mainstream, Boot Lagoon Hatchery3 channel MicroSalmon
Cole-Munro Food GroupSingle ch MacroTrout
Meeker's Aquaculture, OntarioSingle ch MacroTrout
Aquacage FisheriesSingle ch MacroSalmon
Mainstream Canada4 channel MacroSalmon
Mainstream CanadaSingle ch MacroSalmon
Mainstream Canada4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Daniel's Harbour Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Lake Utopia Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Oak Bay HatcherySingle ch MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Oak Bay Hatchery3 channel MicroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Buckmans Creek Hatchery2 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Elmsville Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Digbidiwash Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture2 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Canada Fresh Water Farms Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Canada Big Tree Creek Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Canada Dalrymple Hatchery4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Canada Georgie Lake4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest Canada4 channel MacroSalmon
Marine Harvest wellboatWellboat MacroSalmon
Pan Fish Canada3 channel MicroSalmon
Pan Fish BC, Rosewall Hatchery3 channel MicroSalmon
Pan Fish Wellboat Salmon TransporterWellboat MacroSalmon
Pan Fish WellboatWellboat MacroSalmon
Gold River BC4 channel MacroSalmon
Grieg3 channel MicroSalmon
Omega Salmon Group BCWellboat MacroSalmon
Omega Salmon Group BCWellboat MacroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
USFWS Iron River HatcheryMicroSalmon
USFWS Jordan River HatcheryMicroSalmon
Northern Souteast Reg. Aquaculture Association4 channel MacroSalmon
NSRAA4 channel MacroSalmon
William Jack Hernandez Hatchery Alaska2 single ch MacrosSalmon
Alaska Dept of Fish & Game4 channel MacroSalmon
Australis AquacultureMicroBarramundi
Great Bay Aquaculture3 channel MicroCod
Indian River AquacultureMicroShrimp
Kona Blue3 channel MicroAmberjack
US Fish & Wildlife Service3 channel MicroSalmon
Walhalla State Fish Hatchery Micro single channelSalmon
Quilcene National Fish Hatchery Single channel MicroSalmon
NWFCC Single channel MicroSalmon
Quinault National Fish Hatchery 3 channel MicroSalmon
Winthrop National Fish Hatchery Single channel MicroSalmon
Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery Single Channel MicroSalmon
USFW Dworkshak Hatchery Single channel MicroSalmon
American Gold Seafood Single channel MacroSalmon
American Gold Seafood 3 channel MicroSalmon
City of Coffman Cove Single channel MacroSalmon
Pacific Aquaculture Single channel MacroSalmon
Cooke Aquaculture Maine 2 x 4 Channel MacroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
SaltasYvonne SheenanMicroSalmon
SaltasYvonne Sheenan4 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Stehr GroupMorten Deichmann2 x 3 channel MicroKingfish
Tassal - RockwoodDoug Paveley3 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
TassalDoug PaveleyMacroSalmon
Springfield HatcheriesIan2 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Snobs Creek (Victoria DPI)Dylon White3 Channel MicroNative Species
NSW DPIMatt MacLellanMicroNative Species
Huon Lonnavale HatcheryNathan Rowe2 x 4 channel MacroSalmon
Huon - Hideaway BayDavid WhyteChannel CounterSalmon
Mainstream BarramundiPaul Harrison4 channel MacroBarramundi

New Zealand

CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
NZKS - Tentburn HatcheryGraeme Davidson4 Channel MacroChinook


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Wincorp International3 channel MicroTilapia


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Piscifactorias del AtlanticoSingle ch. Macro
Coremar3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Tinamenor3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Tinamenor3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Tinamenor4 channel MacroBass & Bream
Tinamenor4 channel MacroBass & Bream
Insuiñia3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Cultipeix3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Stolt3 channel MicroTurbot
Stolt3 channel MicroTurbot
Predomar3 channel MicroBass & Bream
CulmarexAlberto MorenteMacroBass & Bream
CulmarexAlberto Morente3 channel MicroBass & Bream
CulmarexAlberto Morente4 channel MacroBass & Bream
Alevines de GuardamarFrancisco Aracil3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Alevines de Guardamar3 channel MacroBass & Bream
Acuicola MarinaJesus Egea LopezMacroBass &Bream
Yaizatun S.A.Aurelio CegarraMacroBass & Bream
Piscimar Andromeda3 channel MicroBass & Bream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Viveiro Villa Nova3 channel MicroBass & Bream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
CannesMicroBass & Bream
Les Poissons du Soleil3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Ferme Marine3 Channel MicroBream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Akuadan3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Akuvator2 x 3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Kilic3 channel MicroBass & Bream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Ellinekes3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Selonda3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Nirefs 3 channel Micro Bass & Bream
Andromeda Michael Tsakanikas 3 channel MicroSalmon


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Lampedusa3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Azienda Ittica San Giorgio3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Acqua Azzurra3 channel MicroBass & Bream
Compagnie Ittiche RiuniteMicroBass & Bream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Reya FishKrasimir Kuzmanov3 channel MacroTrout


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
JLCJon Li3 channel MicroAsian Seabass & Tiger Grouper


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Ein Hamifratz FFMicroBass & Bream
MadanGuy AlonMacroBass & Bream


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Tropo FarmsMark Amechi4 channel MacroTilapia


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
Lake HarvestMr Peter Blow4 channel MacroTilapia


CompanyContactCounter TypeFish Species
ValpercaManuel Pompini4 channel MacroPike Perch
Tropenhaus Dr. Paul-Daniel
3 channel Micro Pike Perch
Basis 57 Stefan Baumann 3 channel MicroSalmon