Open Blue

The Open Blue Revolution

We are excited to be a part of The Open Blue Revolution and support our sustainable open ocean aquaculture friends. Open Blue is dedicated to fulfilling a major void in the seafood industry and supplying a reliable, sustainable source of healthy, premium fish, raised in an open ocean natural and regulated environment. Open Blue will harvest around 1600 tons of Cobia this year & Pentair AES is very proud to contribute to this innovative project! Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Technical Services Supervisor Kurt Lang was a prominent piece to this installation and engineering puzzle, traveling to Panama and getting his hands dirty to ensure our products played a successful part in the new construction. PAES provided numerous products for the future Open Blue Cobia nursery.

 Our products will help solve many challenges for the future nursery including Pumping, Filtration, UV, Monitoring and Control, and Valves.  The nursery will consist of Pentair AES Emperor UV’s for disinfection, Pentair AES Verus™ Pumps and Sparus™ Pumps with Constant Flow Technology™ to supply water to individual sections of the hatchery. The Pentair AES DSF Drum Filters were installed primarily for solids removal of incoming seawater and Pentair AES Arias™ Sand Filters for filtration of small fry tanks. For monitoring and control of the systems, the Pentair AES PT4 LC monitors were installed; these will allow monitoring of dissolved oxygen in all culture tanks; as well as the PT4 Transport Monitor, allowing for dissolved oxygen when transporting fish to harvest. Additionally, Pentair Keystone Butterfly valves and Keystone Knife Gate valves were installed to control the water flow from the main system pumps and main pipeline of incoming seawater.

We are honored to support Open Blue’s vision to feed future generations in harmony with the ocean.

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