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Submersible Pumps, 12 & 24VDC PART #: 340032-AQ-340039-AQ

Submersible Pumps, 12 & 24VDC Submersible Pumps, 12 & 24VDC
Submersible Pumps, 12 & 24VDC

SHURFLO® submersible pumps are smart, reliable and efficient; suitable for many applications. Built for the harsh marine environment to withstand the toughest conditions. Permanent magnet, continuous duty motors with 3’ tinned wire leads for below waterline installations. (6’ Leads on 1500 & 2000 GPH models) SHURFLO® pumps control and manage water intake by transferring and removing excess water.

Note: Do not run pump dry. Do not pump oil, diesel fuel, gasoline or other flammable liquids with these pumps. One-year warranty.

• Anti-Airlock
• Tough Nylon Housing and impeller
• Water Cooled Motors – Extended Life
• Quick-disconnect base plate for easy installation
• CE Listed and Ignition Protection 8846

Submersible Pumps Float Switch & Plastic Hoses

Optional automatic caged float switch for remote or direct mounting. Constructed of ABS plastic housing with 3’ tinned wire leads, contains no mercury and is ignition protected. 12A maximum at 12V, 6A maximum at 24V. Turns on pump when water is 1¾”, turns off at ¾”. Operating temperature from 33°F to 180°F. 5.1” x 4” x 2.8”. One-year warranty.

Applications include tank dewatering, hauling truck use, boat bilge pumping, pit/basement dewatering, livewell recirculating, emergency pumping.

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