Constant Flow Technology

Under typical operating conditions, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology offers the highest water flow rate of any high performance pump—with the lowest electricity consumption. Thanks to its integrated on-board Variable Frequency Drive, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology automatically calculates and self-adjusts to provide the exact operational speed needed to deliver the exact flow rate you establish. As system conditions change, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology self-adjusts to achieve a constant user-specified flow rate. The result of this breakthrough technology is that you achieve the absolute minimum energy usage required to deliver any given flow rate! This high level of efficiency can save you thousands of dollars per year in pump operating costs.

No more closing valves to decrease flow rate or making manual adjustments. Simply select the flow rate you require and Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology delivers. As system conditions change, the flow rate remains constant. Need a higher or lower flow rate? Simply adjust the desired flow rate by using the simple keypad. No matter what flow rate you select, you’ll rest assured that your desired flow rate remains constant.