Source Water Degassing Questionnaire

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What species and life stages are you raising in this system?
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Describe Your Solids Removal System
Note: Suspended solids should be removed from the source water prior to entering the Degassing Column to prevent clogging and biofouling.
Describe other treatments, existing or planned, besides the degassing column, for this water (i.e., chlorine, chloramines, bromine, sodium thiosulfate, carbon filtration, heating/chilling, etc.):
What do you want to remove?
     Nitrogen     Hydrogen Sulfide     Carbon Dioxide
    Ozone     Iron     Ammonia     Others:
Source water's highest concentration: mg/L
Concentration requirement exiting the degassing column: mg/L
Site elevation, estimated relative to mean sea level: (+/-) feet
Salinity: ppt
Dissolved Oxygen Concentration or % Saturation: Max:    Min:
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration or % Saturation(range): Max:    Min:
Dissolved Nitrogen Concentration or % Saturation, if available (range): Max:    Min:
Water pH: Max:    Min:
Water Temperature (range, Fahrenheit): Max:    Min:
Air Temperature at Degasser Location (range, F): Max:    Min:
Relative Humidity of the Degasser air intake, typical: %
Please describe any special site or installation considerations: