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Seaming & Patching Tape for EPDM Liners PART #: PT6-25 to ST3-25

Seaming & Patching Tape for EPDM Liners

The double-sided adhesive seaming tape, ST3-25, is made of extruded black rubber and designed to join pieces of EPDM liner together to form a watertight seal. The single-sided patching tape, PT6-25, works great for patching holes and covering seams for EPDM liners only.

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ModelTypeWidthUnit of Measure Price Qty
PT6-25 Single-Sided Patching Tape6"25' Roll
ST3-25 Double-Sided Seaming Tape3"25' Roll
Model PT6-25 ST3-25
TypeSingle-Sided Patching TapeDouble-Sided Seaming Tape
Unit of Measure25' Roll25' Roll