Rotary Lobe Blower Questionnaire

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What is your application? Aquaculture  Waste Water
What volume of air do you need?   Cfm  Scfm  Lps
What type of disbursement are you using? Diffuser Tubing   Drilled Pipe 
  Airstones  Other
What is the maximum water depth of your system? Psi  Inches  Cm
How far will the blower be from the air disbursement device?    Feet 
What size tubing?   Inches  Millimeters
Altitude above Sea Level   Feet  Meters
What kind of power source will you be using?

       if other
If standard electric:
     115V  230V  480V
     Single-Phase  3-Phase
     50 Hz  60 Hz
What phase is your facility currently operating at?
     Single-Phase  3-Phase
The following are add-on options.
Please indicate the options that you would like to have included.
Discharge Silencer Yes  No
Pressure Relief Yes  No
Pressure Gauge Yes  No
Sound Enclosure Yes  No