Recirculating System Design

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Flow-through or recirculation
Make-up water flow rate: % of total volume replaced per day.
Plug flow (raceway) or mixed flow tank:
Indoor greenhouse, outdoor, or outdoor covered (describe):
Clear water or green water (algal):
Solids removal system (describe):
Solids filter particle removal size (microns):
Production Plan:
Species you are culturing:
Site altitude (feet relative to sea level):
Average individual body weight at harvest time: lbs grams
Maximum number of animals served by the biofilter at time of harvest:
Typical feed rate prior to harvest: % of body weight per day
Feeding frequency prior to harvest (give times of day):
Feed protein content: percent
Feed type (describe):
Water Source:
(we are assuming your water source is clean, low in nutrients and minerals - if in doubt, send a water sample to a reputable laboratory and fax us the results)
Describe your water source (well, reservoir, municipal, etc.):
Chlorine: mg/l
Is the water chloramine-treated? Yes No
Dechlorination method?
Dissolved oxygen concentration of new water replacement added to the culture system: mg/l
Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN) concentration: mg/l
Nitrate concentration: mg/l
pH maximum sustained (12-hour period):
Note: High pH = High un-ionized ammonia (NH3) = Low allowable total ammonia (TAN) = reduced nitrification = bigger biofilter.
Alkalinity mg/l
Total hardness: mg/l
Culture Water Quality Targets:
Temperature range: °F to °F.
Salinity parts per thousand
Maximum sustained (24-hour period) culture water pH
Culture water alkalinity: mg/l
Dissolved oxygen concentration: mg/l
Water depth (include elevation drawings if the depth varies): inches
Round tanks, diameter: ft.
Rectangular tanks length ft. width ft.
Total number of tanks treated by biofilter:
Total system water volume treated by biofilter: gallons
Total number of systems (number of biofilters):
Note: Our calculations are based on standard aquacultural engineering methods and current scientific studies.
If possible, please provide us with a feed chart for your species based on body weight and water temperature . Also provide drawings showing tank locations, elevations, and any water treatment equipment you currently plan to use (mechanical filters, biofilters, etc.). Detailed information will enable our Technical Service Department to better serve you.