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Pump Filter Bags PART #: PFB101 to PB38

Pump Filter Bags Pump Filter Bags Pump Filter Bags
Pump Filter Bags

Place your submersible pump, its power cord and outlet hose right in the bag, tie the top closed and you have a large surface area, long-life inlet strainer. Select a bag larger in diameter than your pump, with a mesh opening smaller than the pump’s inlet strainer but not so fine that the bag requires frequent cleaning.

The lightweight bags are ideal for pumps up to 15 gpm, fitting pumps up to 10” in diameter. Medium weight bag fits pumps up to 7” in diameter. The heavyweight bags handle up to 12” in diameter and flows to 60 gpm.

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ModelColorDiameterOpeningsWidth Length Price Qty
PFB101 Green10"1/32"15" x 24"
PFB102 Blue10"1/8"15" x 24"
PB38 Black12"3/8"17" x 39"
Model PFB101 PFB102 PB38
Width Length15" x 24"15" x 24"17" x 39"