Point Four & Oxyguard Repair

Whether you purchased a Point Four or Oxyguard product from Pentair or from another vendor, last year or five years ago, we can offer repair services for your Point Four and Oxyguard meters and probes.

Equipment sent in for repairs must be clean/free of contamination. We reserve the right to charge extra for the cleaning of any dirty/contaminated equipment

In order to facilitate efficient processing of service/repair requests, please fill out this form completely. You will be contacted with an RA# to reference when returning the unit, the return shipping address and any additional documentation you may need.*

Shop labor rate is US $80.00 per hour**

*Do NOT ship the unit in for repairs until you have received an RA # from a Pentair representative.

**An assessment fee/minimum charge of US $80.00 per unit of equipment sent in for repair/evaluation.

This form is NOT for YSI products.

For YSI repairs, please visit: pentairaes.com/ysirepair

If you have any questions about Point Four or Oxyguard repairs, please contact PT4Repair@Pentair.com.

We will only use this information to respond to your request and as further described in our Privacy Notice.