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Pentair’s VAKI product lines have been standards in the aquaculture industry for over 30 years. Focused on the design and manufacture of high quality fish handling, counting and grading solutions, they are a perfect fit for a variety of commercial aquaculture applications. Our employees have long-standing relationships and expertise in the fish farming market and we involve our customers’ feedback in the development of products to fit the real world needs of our users.

Pentair’s VAKI products provide cutting-edge technology for stock handling and biomass estimation in aquaculture systems; providing users with accurate information to maximize operational efficiencies, facilitate resource planning and optimize decision-making. Our solutions have widespread, global adoption in commercial aquaculture, with utilization in more than 60 countries. And our worldwide sales and service network means that you can trust the quality and support of our innovative products.

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Size Estimation

VAKI Biomass Daily

With a VAKI Biomass Daily frame placed permanently in each sea pen, fish are continually measured with pinpoint accuracy. For every site and every cage, a daily overview of average weight, size distribution, condition-factor and growth is available 24/7.

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Fish Counting

VAKI Wellboat Channel Counter

The VAKI Channel Counter is ideal for the accurate counting and size estimation of large numbers of live fish from 500g and up. Designed to accurately count at high capacity to work seamlessly with modern fish pumps when splitting, grading and harvesting.

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VAKI Pipeline Counters

The VAKI Pipeline Counter is installed in a pipeline from a grading machine or on the end of the pipe into a tank. The fish are counted as they pass through the counter using infra-red light, a technology utilized on other VAKI products for over 30 years.

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VAKI Macro Exel Counter

The VAKI Macro Exel Counter is the largest fish counter in the VAKI product line. The counting area is 120cm (3.9ft) wide area and has 25% higher capacity than the standard Macro Counter. The Macro Exel also features wi-fi and an accurate logging system.

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VAKI Nano Counter

The VAKI Nano Counter uses accurate software, a digital camera and computer vision to analyze and count each fish. The fish are gently moved in water through the scanning area. Testing shows that the VAKI Nano is over 99% accurate, even at rates of over 200,000 fish per hour.

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VAKI Wellboat Smolt Counter

The VAKI Wellboat Smolt Counter is designed for use with large vacuum pumps and pressurized flow on wellboats. VAKI’s proven technology has been adapted for wellboat applications, giving an accurate count that can be verified with images of every fish.

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VAKI Macro / Micro Counter

The VAKI Macro & Micro Counters are designed for high speed counting of smolts, fish fry and juveniles. The Macro is best suited for smolts and fish from 0.2g - 400g. The Micro is designed for smaller fish between 0.2g - 200g. Testing shows that these counters are over 99% accurate.

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VAKI Pico Counters

The VAKI Pico Counters are designed for accurate, high speed counting of fry in 1” & 2” & 3” fullwater pipe. The Pico Counters are easily deployed and maintain high accuracy, even in turbid water with poor visibility.

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Fish Handling

Pentair Vaki Fish Pumps

Available in two sizes, the Pentair VAKI Fish Pump makes it easy to move fish and shrimp efficiently and safely. The continuous pumping action keeps fish in the water at all times, minimizing damage and increasing output. One operator can move up to 10 tons per hour, reducing labor costs and eliminating the need to lift heavy nets and buckets. The Pentair VAKI Fish Pump is the industry-standard and is used in demanding commercial aquaculture applications worldwide.

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Vaki Fish Grader

The VAKI Fish Grader has been designed and developed for high speed grading of small fish. The size range is 0.2g up to 200g and the capacity is up to 6,000kg per hour. The grader is very simple to operate and is precision-fabricated from high quality stainless steel.

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VAKI Bioscanner Fish Counter

The VAKI Bioscanner is accurate, fast and reliable. Fish of all species are counted stress free and remain in water at all times. The Bioscanner is highly accurate and can be utilized with fish from 3g to 6kg.

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VAKI Feeding System

The VAKI Feeding System has been developed in cooperation with fish farmers and is very robust and simple to use. The system includes software to control feed rates, meal times, feed types, and more. The operator can monitor, interface, reprogram or override the automatic operation of the system with precise control.

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VAKI Smart Flow

Pentair’s VAKI product line offers the Smart Flow System which uses software to gather and store information about all measured fish for easy comparison. Smart Flow facilitates the optimization of every operation, as it helps all devices in the VAKI product line to be controlled and fine-tuned to refine the desired output.

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Service & Support

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems strives to provide a professional level of support in order to help with the maintenance and service of our VAKI products. We offer software, training, online service contract and after-sales support.

We want our customers to have their VAKI equipment available and working in the best possible way, so we emphasize preventative maintenance to ensure that users can use their equipment to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their commercial aquaculture operations.

Online Service Contracts

Users of VAKI Counters can have an inclusive service check carried out online without having to ship equipment from the field, so there are no logistical issues or transport costs to worry about. We can check settings, software, make upgrades, offer advice on the counter and on the actual counts. An online service check also gives us the opportunity to make recommendations on the usage of the counter, and identify any potential issues that may be affecting its accuracy. We can also provide valuable insights on any repairs or replacements that should be considered.

A Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems VAKI Online Service Contract includes:

  • Counter registered into online service history database.
  • Three routine online service checks per year with email reports.
  • All settings and systems checked.
  • Visibility check for light strength, head/camera alignment, edge positions and bulkheads.
  • Calibration check.
  • Random selection of 2 files from the last service in hard drive checked for quality of images.
  • Hard drive clean up.
  • Report that contains recommendations regarding changes to alignment, cleaning and other issues highlighted during the online checks.
  • Priority service customer for additional online support.
  • 1x count quality report, per year.
  • All applicable software upgrades free.
  • 25% of additional function change software packages.

Counting Report

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems VAKI Count Audit is available as an independent service, and also as part of a more wide ranging Online Service Contract. With the Count Audit Service, users get a more detailed report, in which we also check a number of image screens to establish count accuracy estimation.

The automatic counting report gives valuable and detailed information on the counting and is produced after each count with the total number of fish counted, number in each group, total counting time, average fish per minute, and any counter overload time. The counting throughput graph is shown on the report and the name of site, tank, company logo, comments, and other information can be included. The report can be supplied to the receiver of fish along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish.

Online service includes:

  • Overview of the count files.
  • Check the quality of images.
  • Check counter settings.
  • Other issues that may affect the count.
  • Ensure accuracy of the counter.
  • Count Audit Report


Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers training sessions on VAKI equipment to help ensure that users are utilizing the products in an accurate, safe and effective manner.

Benefits of VAKI Training Sessions:

  • Ensure that all users have the qualifications to take responsibility for improving production.
  • Increase in-house expertise.
  • Maximize performance, productivity of your products.
  • Ensure that user’s knowledge is up to date.
  • Reduce damage, stoppages and costs.
  • Extend product lifetime.