Filtration System Skid Packages

Filtration System Skid Packages
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Our pre-packaged pond filter systems are designed to support large recirculating applications. These commercial system packages are available with three different mechanical filter options: bag filters, cartridge filters, or sand filters. They are an ideal choice for use as large koi pond filter systems, in seafood holding systems, as aquaponics filter systems, or in research systems.

No matter which type of mechanical filter you choose, all pond filter system packages from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems include a pump, mechanical and chemical filters, and a UV sterilizer, as well as required valves and PVC pipe. Different configurations are available for these filter systems, depending on the filter and the type of pump you need (Sparus™ 160 or Sparus with Constant Flow Technology™). The best pond filter system for your application will vary based on your electrical supply requirements and performance needs.

If you have any questions about finding the right pond filter system package for your specific project, please call our water filtration experts at 877-347-4788 or ask us.

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