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Reverse Osmosis Systems
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If your application requires pure water that's free of potentially harmful contaminants, a reverse osmosis system and/or deionization system is an excellent option. At Pentair AES, we carry a complete selection of RO-DI systems, parts, and accessories to provide clean, pure water for your needs.

When used correctly, a reverse osmosis system (or RO unit) is capable of removing up to 99% of more than 60 different contaminants, including lead, dissolved salts, and many microorganisms, such as cysts and bacteria. Deionized water systems (DI systems) can remove almost all inorganic contaminants, such as iodine and calcium. When combined, an RODI system is extremely effective at generating highly purified water that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

A reverse osmosis filter system works by using pressure to force water though a semi-permeable membrane. To perform at its best, water should be filtered through an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine and many organic chemicals, and/or a reactive carbon filter designed to remove chloramines. DI filters work through the process of ion exchange, swapping inorganic contaminants with H+ and OH-. Deionized water systems are not very effective at removing organic contaminants — including bacteria and viruses — which is what makes an RO-DI system a better option for applications that require highly purified water.

Contact the water experts at Pentair AES to discuss which type of reverse osmosis system or other water filtration solution is best for your application. Call 877-347-4788 or use our contact page to ask us.

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