Pentair Aquaculture-Duty Pumps

Pentair Aquaculture-Duty Pumps

Verus Pumps

Verus™ 850 Premium Efficiency Pumps 

The aquaculture-duty Verus pump provides extraordinary electrical and hydraulic efficiency that delivers premium performance and low electrical costs. Their impellers are manufactured for true breakthrough performance, allowing for lower loads and longer motor life. A non-corrosive, thermoplastic construction equipped with saltwater-rated stainless steel internal fasteners and a highly robust mechanical seal make this the ideal pump for commercial aquaculture and other heavy-duty applications. Thanks to its light overall weight for its size; one-man installation is possible.

Available in ratings with flow rates up to 800 gpm, and from 3 to 15 hp. Verus pumps are equipped with continuous-duty, NEMA-rates premium efficiency motors. Available with or without a modular strainer pot, for maximum flexibility in a wide range of field applications. One-year warranty. UL778 listed. 


Verus with TEFC

 Verus™ 850 Pumps with TEFC Motor

The new Verus 3-phase pumps with TEFC motors feature heavy-duty sealed bearings and an ultra-strong aluminum fan for superior cooling. The TEFC models are an ideal choice for installations prone to coastal elements and harsh environments. Available in three-phase only. 

The new L3-PLUS SERIES™ and H3-PLUS SERIES™ engineered using best-in-class technology. The proprietary impeller design delivers a higher level of precision concentricity for increased efficiency. The proprietary hydraulic isolator smooths the water flow inside the volute, raising the efficiency even higher. A rugged plastic construction delivers durable pumps at an affordable price.

L3 Plus Pumps

L3-PLUS Series™

The L3-PLUS pump is a low-head/high-flow pump designed for Aquaculture applications that call for large flow rates in low-head conditions. This high-quality pump features a four-pole induction motor that rotates at 1725 rpm when connected to 60hz input power. The relatively slow speed of this motor allows the pump to produce exceptionally high water flow rates; while performing in a highly-efficient manner. Available in three models: 100gpm, 120gpm, 160gpm. The L3-PLUS is perfectly suited for ponds, water features, fountains and aquaculture. One year warranty.


H3 Plus Pumps

 H3-PLUS Series™

The H3-PLUS pump is a high-performance, aquaculture-duty pump designed for maximum up-time and reliable performance. This high-quality pump features an all-weather, ultra-heavy-duty TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor with an all-aluminum construction and an anodized finish for maximum corrosion resistance. The easy-to-access wiring compartment is located on top of the motor; with optimum accessibility for easy wiring, even in space constrained applications. One year warranty.


Sparus with CFT

Sparus™ Pump With Constant Flow Technology

Under typical operating conditions, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology offers the highest water flow rate of any high performance pump—with the lowest electricity consumption. Thanks to its integrated on-board Variable Frequency Drive, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology automatically calculates and self-adjusts to provide the exact operational speed needed to deliver the exact flow rate you establish. As system conditions change, Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology self-adjusts to achieve a constant user-specified flow rate. The result of this breakthrough technology is that you achieve the absolute minimum energy usage required to deliver any given flow rate! This high level of efficiency can save you thousands of dollars per year in pump operating costs.

No more closing valves to decrease flow rate or making manual adjustments. Simply select the flow rate you require by using the simple keyboard and Sparus pump with Constant Flow Technology delivers.


Sparus Pumps

Sparus™ 160 Energy Efficient Pumps

Offering extremely high water flow in a quiet, energy-efficient package with durable construction, the Sparus™ pump is effective in commercial aquaculture applications. Available in a wide range of horsepower and voltage ratings, the innovative hydraulic design of the Sparus™ pump moves water more efficiently and more quietly than competitive pumps.

The Sparus™ pump delivers proven reliability thanks to its saltwater-rated stainless steel internal fasteners and highly-robust mechanical seal. Under typical operating conditions, it offers the highest water flow of any high-performance pump—with the lowest electricity consumption. The Sparus™ pump is self-priming, and it’s also suitable for flooded-suction applications. It's compatible with a wide assortment of aquaculture systems and includes an oversized strainer basket and volute.

The Sparus™ pump is equipped with 2" internally threaded NPT suction/discharge ports for easy installation. Approximate product dimensions: 26" L x 11" W x 12.5" H. One-year warranty. UL778 listed. Not certified for use in swimming pool applications.