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Ozone Generators PART #: ECL10 to ECL40

Ozone Generators

The DEL OZONE Next Generation Eclipse Ozone Systems are compact and provide dependable, low- maintenance operation. Cabinets are made of extruded aluminum with molded plastic end caps and are wall-mountable. Electrodes are rated for 15,000 hours of operation at over 80% capacity. Power supplies are rated to operate for the life of the generator under normal conditions. Generators may be operated in a vacuum or with positive pressure.

When using O2 as feed gas, you can expect approximately twice the concentration than with air as feed gas. Air compressor not included. All models require .25 cfm feed gas (air or oxygen). 1/4” hose inlet and outlet. UL- and cUL-listed. 115V/60 Hz. One-year warranty.

• Improved water quality and clarity

• Kills up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms

• Minimized operating and maintenance cost

• No unpleasant chemical odors

• High ozone output, low energy cost

• No Air Dryer required

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ModelDimensionsAmps @ 115VAvg O₃ Conc.O₃ Output Price Qty
ECL40 W 7.8" x H 24" x D 2.5".241,350 ppm1 grams/hr
ECL10 W 7.8" x H 8" x D 2.5".06450 ppm.25 grams/hr

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Model ECL40 ECL10
DimensionsW 7.8" x H 24" x D 2.5"W 7.8" x H 8" x D 2.5"
Amps @ 115V.24.06
Avg O₃ Conc.1,350 ppm450 ppm
O₃ Output1 grams/hr.25 grams/hr

Out of stock