Length Calculator

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angstrom inch
centimeters feet
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centimeters mils
centimeters yards
fathoms meter
fathoms feet
feet centimeters
feet kilometers
feet meters
feet miles (naut.)
feet miles (stat.)
feet millimeters
feet mils
furlongs miles (US)
furlongs feet
inches centimeters
inches feet
inches meters
inches miles
inches millimeters
inches mils
inches yards
kilometers feet
kilometers inches
kilometers miles
kilometers millimeters
kilometers yards
league miles (approx.)
meters feet
meters inches
meters miles (nautical)
meters miles (statute)
meters yards
miles (nautical) feet
miles (nautical) kilometers
miles (statute) feet
miles (statute) inches
miles (statute) kilometers
miles (statute) meters
miles (statute) miles (nautical)
miles (statute) yards
millimeters feet
millimeters inches
millimeters mils
mils centimeters
mils inches
rod meters
rod feet
span inch
yards centimeters
yards kilometers
yards meters
yards miles (nautical)
yards miles (statute)
yards millimeters