Seaweeds Promote Cleaner, More Sustainable Aquaculture

published on Sep 5, 2018
Aquatic plants are often overlooked in traditional aquaculture discussions. But aquatic plant farming, overwhelmingly seaweeds, is now practiced in about 50 countries worldwide. Experts believe aquatic plants and seaweeds could be a crucial key to developing more sustainable aquaculture practices....

Pentair AES Collaborates with The Conservation Fund for 4-Day RAS Course

published on Aug 29, 2018
Pentair AES is collaborating with The Conservation Fund to present a four-day course on the fundamentals of water recirculating systems (RAS) in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on Oct. 9-12. This intensive learning experience will cover a wide variety of topics key to managing RAS facilities, including circular tank design and management, system operation and management, as well as system design....

UV Sterilization in Aquaculture

published on Jul 25, 2018
UV sterilization helps keep the numbers of disease-causing organisms in the water column in check and reduces the risk of cross contamination among tanks. UV is especially useful in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems), because UV treatment only takes place within the UV housing, leaving no residual to come in contact with the animals in the system. ...


published on Jun 13, 2018
The PAES W.A.T.E.R. team welcomes Shawn Burke to the team. Shawn will act as the new RAS Facilities supervisor, and has a strong background in managing large-scale recirculating aquaculture systems. ...

Be a “STAR” with Pentair this Earth Day!

published on Apr 22, 2018
Earth Day is April 22nd and we’re excited to be celebrating. Here at Pentair we’re more than just a aquaculture company; we’re actually a lot more. We also offer water treatment equipment, commercial flow technologies, filtration solutions and innovative aquaculture techniques. Pentair is a company dedicated to improving the use of life’s most essential resource – water. ...

Massive Trout Growth Captured by Riverwatcher Product

published on Mar 14, 2018
The Riverwatcher is in operation to monitor fish migration patterns in over 300 rivers world-wide in a wide variety of fish ladders, weirs and passes many in exposed conditions....

Insect-fed salmon may be more sustainable future of aquaculture

published on Mar 7, 2018
Researchers in the Netherlands have developed an entirely insect-based method of feeding salmon grown in aquaculture environments. This may present a more sustainable future for the aquaculture industry as it doesn't require fish meal to produce a harvest. The feed company is calling salmon raised entirely on insects "Friendly Salmon," for its more sustainable properties....

Unique Aquaculture Innovation Found In European Brewing Industry

published on Feb 28, 2018
The partners of the Life Brewery project seek to demonstrate that it is possible, in an innovative, sustainable and integrated way, to value the brewing by-products through their value as an ingredient for aquaculture feed....

What is Fish Sampling?

published on Feb 7, 2018
As an organization committed to excellence, there are several reasons why we sample our ever-growing fish populations. We monitor growth and general performance, recalculate feed requirements, and determine when fish are ready for market....

Aquaponics Industry Leaders Making Waves in 2018

published on Jan 31, 2018

With organizations worldwide furthering the education and progression of urban agriculture, horticulture and aquaponics, the future of the industry can only be bright. For more information on Pentair AES involvement with Urban Organics, check out our urban farming page.

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