When Aquaculture becomes a BIG Deal, the Dealmaker's Get Hooked!
Published on Feb 8, 2016

When Aquaculture Becomes a BIG Deal, the Dealmaker's Get Hooked!

"A small fish swallowed a bigger fish when the U.K.'s Benchmark Holdings bought Belgium's Inve Aquaculture from Coöperatieve Rabobank and Royal Bank of Scotland in December for about £227 million ($321.8 million)", says writer Renee Cordes. 

At a time where Aquaculture is estimated at $140 billion industry due to evaluations from human consumption of seafood, it makes complete sense for the dealmakers to bite! Many studies show, among every continent except Africa, that people are eating more fish and paying attention to the health benefits of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and plants. The delevloped tastes and overall healthier lifestyles will only increase in the next decade; therefore, companies like mentioned in this article and big hitter investors are finally paying attention to this data. 

Entrepreneur and conservationist Mike Velings proposed a solution for Aquaculture, or fish farming. "We must start using the ocean as farmers instead of hunters," he says, echoing Jacques Cousteau. "The day will come where people will demand farmed fish on their plates that's farmed well and farmed healthy — and refuse anything less."

So let's get ahead of the curve and take the next steps for a healthier, prosperous lifestyle while assisting the environment and providing better options in the future for farming fish!

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