We were featured on TANKED!
Published on Jul 5, 2017

This week’s episode of TANKED featured Pentair equipment!

Show hosts, Wayde and Brett have both decided they want koi ponds in their backyards and have entered a friendly competition to see whose will be best! Both ponds are equipped with Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems water pumps and air pumps. In true TANKED form, these ponds are out of this world!  Brett's pond is a 16' x 15' square shape that has acrylic panel walls, fire features and a TV area with a built in bench for a "theater in the park" theme. It's 4,500 gallons. Wayde's is a 19’x18’ round pond that has a river waterfall and a custom liner to match the color of his home. It also has rock walls, perches for turtles, fire, and an area to sit on the side of the pond. It is 7,000 gallons. Brett's pond is home to goldfish, turtles and koi, while Wayde's has koi and turtles. 

Be sure to watch this episode of TANKED on Animal Planet: https://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/tanked/