Verus™ Max High-Efficiency Aquaculture Duty Pump
Published on Aug 18, 2016


The newest line of Verus pumps is the biggest one yet! Available with flow rates up to 2,000 gpm, Verus Max pumps are designed for large commercial applications where flow rate and turnover demands are high. Pumps in the same class are often times over-engineered resulting in unnecessary costs being passed onto the customer. Utilizing a practical and robust design approach, Verus Max pumps offer exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance. Thanks to its relatively light weight for its size, installation and maintenance of Verus Max is simple compared to metallic pumps with similar capacities. Designed for the most challenging of aquatic system environments, Verus Max pumps are constructed using rugged and reliable components which include an IE2-rated TEFC motor, stainless steel hardware and glass reinforced thermoplastic housing. Please allow up to twelve weeks for delivery. One-year warranty.


• Aquaculture-duty TEFC motors, with IP55 rating.
• Class F Motor Insulation, IE2 rated.
• Suitable for use with Variable Frequency Drives.
• 316SS internal hardware, saltwater-rated.
• Heat-resistant mechanical seal with 316SS construction.
• Robust injection-molded components made of glass reinforced thermoplastic.
• ANSI 8” suction and discharge ports.
• Optional strainer pot and flange kits available.
• Available in three-phase ratings. All models are CE and TUV approved.
• Salt/Seawater approved up to 40ppt salt concentration.

Verus Spec Table

*This value may vary slightly depending upon motor manufacturer and motor design type


Verus Max Size